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I just came from Apostacon. Kudos to the Pastafarians of Omaha.  I thought they ran a really good conference. often does it happen -that you upload a video to YouTube, and within a couple hours of posting, it's already on the news? … [Read more...]

Can you believe this is still going on?

This last Tuesday, I found myself once again in Austin taking part in the media circus and associated freak show that is the creation/evolution debate still being presented before the heavily-creationist state board of education. living outside the US may find it difficult to believe that this debate is still going on, that it is even possible for someone to have legitimate science degrees and still believe in the fables in the Bible. They … [Read more...]

How bad it is on Texas’ textbook review board

These are some of the most notable nominees on the Texas textbook review board:Walter Bradley was an engineer who coauthored a book, The Mystery of Life’s Origins, which essentially launched the “intelligent design” movement. He and Raymond Bohlin of Probe Ministries are both associated fellows of the Discovery Institute. Another engineer, Richard White, and David Zeiger who teaches in a private Christian school, and Ide Trotter, spokesman for the grossly-misnamed creationist group, 'Texans f … [Read more...]

What [secular] Women Want

Feminatheist Sheila Blackadder, (formerly on the EB of the Secular Party of America) Courtney Caldwell (cultofcourtney) and Ashley Paramore (HealthyAddict) formerly of the Secular Student Alliance- join Lilandra and Shannon Nebo, (and myself as well) to discuss ‘what women want’ with regard to the secular movement. No spoilers, but tonight’s topic will include controversial conflicts and confrontations.The discussion will stream live to the n0nes' YouTube channel at 8:30pm central (Texas) tim … [Read more...]

I musta been feeling a bit ‘wonky’

This is a did just for the fun of it. … [Read more...]

DPR Jones’ live streaming charity for Doctors w/o Borders on tonight!

For the last few years, my friend, DPR Jones has been running an annual charity telethon benefiting Medecins sans frontières, also known as Doctors without Borders.  It is normally a 24-hour event with guest hosts taking turns running the show from all over the world.  It has also been (I think) the largest virtual gathering of atheists in that many of the world's best known champions of freethought have participated in the show, and it's generally a good ti … [Read more...]


Friday Sept 20th - Sun Sept 22nd I will be in a far off exotic location, Omaha Nebraska. I'm going for a free-thinking skeptics event called Apostacon.  The speakers line-up looks good, and the hotel looks REALLY nice!  But the folks putting the event together are a little loopy I think.First off, the event plays heavily on the Flying Spaghetti Monster as you can see on their promo page.  But then they've gone and added cartoon ninjas to slash prices and such. Tickets are now available for $7 … [Read more...]

Back to the textbook trenches in Texas

Next week, Tuesday Sept 17th, I will be in Austin once again, testifying before a panel reviewing and revising our science standards.  They're good as they are, no revision necessary. So guess who's trying to change them and why.Once again, I will be speaking to a panel of religious ideologues determined not to listen, determined not to learn, and determined not to teach anything that is actually factually true.The new textbook review committee was nominated by our now infamous State … [Read more...]

How is secular humanist governance better than theocracy?

Occasionally I'll get a PM that I think warrants a public reply.  The questions recently posed to me by quranresponse are a good example:I am talking to you now, as smart atheist manwomen I want to see your opinion how can atheism solve the world problemAtheists are simply people who are not convinced that any actual deities really exist. There is no collective group of that kind. About the only thing all atheists agree on is that there isn't any reason to believe in gods. However there are … [Read more...]

A Complimentary Compilation of Quotes People say, if there is no God, what is the meaning of life?My response to that is, what is the meaning of God?Because whether anyone’s god exists or not is irrelevant.Either way, we are arrogant, vain, but still evolving apes,and all our sacred scriptures are just man-made mythology.Confirming God’s existence would not change these facts!Either way, every religion has gotten an awful lot wrong,and no religion can … [Read more...]