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Pseudo-Fame & sour grapes

 It figures, don’t it?  When I saw this photo (taken of me during an argument at the Reason Rally) I thought, “this is the worst picture that has ever been taken of me.”  So of course that’s the one that gets shown on CNN.It's not like I was really on CNN.  If I was, I would have explained what a god is, so that believing Neilsons would have a clear understanding of what atheists don't believe in, and why.  But someone on their staff saw fit to put my picture there, as if I had a … [Read more...]

To the critics of my comments on feminism…

The idea behind the 'Sexy Secular Conference' at the University of Akron was apparently to present progressive concepts on non-traditional courtships, romantic expression, bending gender roles, and so on. This was not my usual choice of topics, and it's not going to become one either.  But I took that opportunity to express an opinion, and to share a few concerns I had and still have about myself.  I have never 'grown' more as a person than when I realized that I had prejudices, and that they n … [Read more...]

Success for Science Text books in Texas

Last month, I and many other testified before the Texas State Board of Education in an attempt to preserve good science standards that were set in 2011.  Several others testified in an attempt to undermine science by weakening lessons on cosmology, climate change, and evolution. the Board of Education should all be educated and unbiased and should have weighed our testimony to respect the scientists and reject the whack-a-loons.  But this i … [Read more...]

A Letter to a Certain Christian

I somehow stumbled across a video that I just have to comment on.  I don't want to provide a link to it, because the counter showed that I was only the 3rd person to see it.  Hours later, there was only one more view.  So I'm not going to call attention to him.  I suspect this guy isn't ready to respond to the harsh reality that we so stridently represent.  My intention is not to preach to the choir here.  You guys have already heard it all anyway.  I intend to address this one individual anonym … [Read more...]

What Thunderfoot knows about Rape Prevention.

I will be finding out the exact extent of that tomorrow in a discussion with him about his latest video on the Magic Sandwich Show at 2:00 CST. Private discussions with him on all topics related to feminism have been fruitless so far, but as they say hope springs eternal.  Hopefully it will do some good. … [Read more...]

“Just because I don’t believe in God doesn’t make me an atheist”

Yeah, it kinda does.  That is the definition and the sole criteria.  The only way you could honestly say that you're not an atheist is if you're convinced that at least one actual deity surely does exist.  If you're not an atheist, you're a theist. This is one of those rare dichotomies where there is no N/A response, and no escape into undecided avoidance.  It's binary, and that pisses a lot of people off.Calling yourself agnostic is a dodge, avoiding the question by providing the answer to a … [Read more...]

You’re either Theist or a-Theist; There is no ‘agnostic’ 3rd option!

It is so annoying having to repeat the same explanation over and over again -especially when you have to chop such complex explanations into 140 characters for Twitter, just to have all your work lost in cyberspace by tomorrow. So I'll post it all here, where it can be archived in context for future reference.  I hope that this will suffice the next few hundred times I have to explain this.Most atheists don't even know they are atheist. They've been lied to about what the word 'atheist' … [Read more...]