A Foundation of Faith in ‘The Miracle Season’

A Foundation of Faith in ‘The Miracle Season’ March 19, 2018

When the vibrant young star player of the West High girls’ volleyball team tragically passed away, the team rallied behind her memory and her father survived on faith. The film The Miracle Season tells the true story of Caroline “Line” Found and her impact on the team she led, before and after her death. The film, directed by Sean McNamara, stars Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh, and Erin Moriarty and releases April 6.

The Miracle Season releases April 6th. Image courtesy of LD Entertainment.
The Miracle Season releases April 6th. Poster courtesy of LD Entertainment.

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LD Entertainment has released a new faith featurette with commentary from Line’s father, a family friend, and the cast.

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