Video: Christopher J. H. Wright – What Happens When We Read The Whole Bible For Mission?

In this video, Chris Wright speaks on how we should read the Bible in light of it’s goal to reveal God’s mission and our participation in God’s mission.

In his two excellent must reads, the scholarly and foundational The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative and the follow-up and very accessible The Mission of God’s People, Chris Wright describes how we usually look for the “biblical basis for missions” but that we should rather seek to understand the “the missional basis of the Bible.” According to Wright, “mission” is not just one of a several biblical themes that we can study, but rather the central theme of the Bible. The Bible is actually the product of God’s mission. And we, as God’s people, are not just people who “do missions,” but people who are participating in God’s mission. The God revealed in the Bible is a missional God.



Video courtesy of Southeastern Seminary

Wright’s books are available from Hearts & Minds Bookstore. Mention you saw this on Reintegrate to receive 20% off your order.

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