Airing Dirty Linen in Public: A Critical Riposte to Hamza and Poonawalla

By Abdeali Ujjainwalla

I refer to Shireen Hamza’s piece on 5 March 2013, and Aziz Poonawalla’s response on 7 March 2014. As I know neither Shireen nor Aziz, my riposte to both of them is a dispassionate one. I am however a Dawoodi Bohra follower of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb. I would also like to think that I am as intellectual as Aziz with a doctorate in political science, and slightly older than Shireen being in my early 30s. I come from a generation of Dawoodi Bohras who are both at once conservative in their faith, and progressive in their outlook. Inquisitiveness is the sine qua non of this generation. As former US President Ronald Reagan once said to Russian students, “Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things…It is the understanding that allows to recognize shortcomings and seek solutions.”

Response to Shireen Hamza

Shireen is as brave as writing her piece as she is naïve in her motivation. She is courageous to come out of the closet by publicly reaffirming her allegiance to, and pinning her hopes on, Qutbuddin Saheb. But Shireen is also incredibly naïve, because her decision to publish on a public platform appears to have been misguided if the comments below her article is taken as a guide. Thanks to her piece, far more people are now aware of her position in the succession dispute, which, in turn, could cause her greater consternation than it would otherwise have been if she had quietly gone about in adhering to her beliefs, the constant barrage of being castigated by the mainstream notwithstanding. Could it be that she thought it could not get any worse for her so why not just air dirty linen in public? Or perhaps in doing so, she thought she could inspire others to also come out of the closet or cross over to her side? If indeed such was her motivation, she is being self-centred as she is oblivious to the fact that her actions have consequences for the wider Dawoodi Bohra community. As if the media blitz was not enough, we do not need a ‘Shireen Hamza’ to humanise it by pouring her thoughts out on a public platform. She is well within her rights to express herself, but her piece has been more a bane than a boon for us. It beggars belief to think that airing dirty linen in public could endear her to the community.

Focusing on her piece specifically, Shireen starts with a false premise. ‘Schism’ gives the impression that the community is torn right down the middle. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is quite a stretch to argue that there is a schism in the community when a conservative estimate of those who are with Qutbuddin Saheb is only a tiny fraction of the total number of Dawoodi Bohras worldwide. It is more appropriate to describe them as a splinter group or a fringe, and a misguided one from the vantage point of the mainstream. On the issue of social boycott, Shireen is right because she is not the only one. I know of several others who have been marginalised because of the choice they have made in favour of Qutbuddin Saheb. I can understand why social boycotts are being espoused, but I disagree with the approach. I also disagree with calling Qutbuddin Saheb ‘lanat’ (curse on you) just as I take exception to those from the other side casting aspersions on Syedna Mufaddal Saheb. While it is not germane to my riposte in outlining the reasons for adopting such a stance, it is suffice to say that disagreeing with someone does not give you the licence to start yelling ‘lanat’ from the rooftops. I despise hate speech without exception, no matter where it comes from. I also disagree with the actions taken by the enigmatic bureaucratic apparatus of our community (colloquially called Kothar) knocking on the doors of Dawoodi Bohras and compelling them to sign their allegiance to Syedna Mufaddal Saheb on a piece of paper; because if they do not, they will have to face the music. My veneration for the late Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb came from the heart and not through a piece of paper. We do not need a 19th century bullying tactic in a 21st century information age.

I end my response with two pieces of friendly advice for Shireen. If she is sufficiently aggrieved with broken friendships because of a choice she made, go and make new friends. Just because your friends have shunned you does not mean you can wash dirty linen in public. Many of us have felt betrayal in the course of our lives, but the more mature ones do not start to moan and groan about it online. This is not some high school drama, because our very identity as a community is at stake. Further, Shireen should be advised to not oversimplify the rights of Bohra women although she may be outraged over the “women-at-call-centres” remark. Assuming for a minute that Syedna Saheb uttered all that Shireen believed he has, it still does not invariably equate to women in our community being somehow marginalized or being prohibited, in Shireen’s words, “from participating in the global economy in a professional capacity.” It could well be that Syedna Saheb is more conservative in his outlook, but I am certain that the community will neither now nor in the future be devoid of highly-skilled professionals simply because of Syedna’s purported views on women working in call centres. I do however agree with Shireen on one issue: while it is obligatory for women to don the rida (Dawoodi Bohra hijab) in public, it should not be imposed on them, not least by men. It should be a freedom of choice, worn, in Shireen’s words, “out of pride in their identity.” In the end however, Shireen has failed to discredit Syedna Mufaddal Saheb while attempting to elevate the status of Qutbuddin Saheb. But while I may question Shireen’s motive for penning this piece, and disclose the lack of intellectual merit in her arguments, she must be applauded for her courage and flair for writing. She is no doubt an asset to Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Response to Aziz Poonawalla

I find Aziz’s riposte to Shireen to be defensive as it is predictable. Perhaps due to a rush of adrenalin mixed with a sudden possible spike in his testosterone levels, Aziz was all guns blazing in his quest to defend Syedna Mufaddal Saheb ostensibly on behalf of the mainstream Dawoodi Bohra community. Let me be upfront about this: Aziz’s riposte does not represent my principles and values. While Aziz has every right, just as Shireen does, to advocate his point of view, he does not have the right to speak on my behalf when he adumbrated at the outset that he seeks to “illustrate why I and hundreds of thousands of other Bohras, men and women and children alike, unhesitatingly call Syedna Saifuddin (tus) our Mawla (lord protector), not out of fear but out of sincere mohabbat (love) and veneration.” I do not dispute the fact that many of us, myself included, consider Syedna Saheb as our Mawla because of love and veneration, but what I contest is the divisive approach taken by Aziz to posit his case. His laundry list of evidences, while attempting to debunk Shireen’s claims, indicates a defensive posture. It also perpetuates an ‘us-versus-them’ or ‘I-am-right-you-are-wrong’ narrative, which has the effect of further dividing instead of healing a community beset by the ongoing succession dispute. Tellingly, Aziz could have chosen not to add to the airing of dirty linen in public, because, as first cousins, Aziz could have been the bigger man by ironing out his differences with Shireen in private. But maybe we should give Aziz a pass because the estrangement between the pair could perhaps be too much of a forbearance. To be sure, there is little difference between Aziz’s response and the comments following Shireen’s piece so to have Aziz issuing his own quick riposte is nothing more than mere regurgitation.

In his quest to defend Syedna Saheb, much of which I agree, Aziz chose however to ignore conveniently one salient issue which Shireen brought up and is a scourge in our community: the lack of transparency and accountability principally in the Kothar. Any Bohra with half a brain knows full well that there is a lobbyist-revolving door in Kothar where money politics predominates. It is just that some of us either choose to ignore it, ignore but grumble in private, or lambast the Kothar openly. Polemics aside, I would be interested to know what Aziz’s views on the Kothar is. How corrupt is the Kothar? Or how transparent and accountable is the Kothar to the general Dawoodi Bohra population? I sincerely hope Aziz does not evade the question by insulting my intelligence with an unintellectual answer like “Mumbai is hardly Kabul.” I am sure Aziz can do better, and I eagerly await his response.

I also find Aziz’s riposte to be overly dismissive of certain claims made by Shireen. Contrary to Aziz’s claims, there was indeed a ‘door-to-door’ collection of signatures in support of Syedna because one such person from the Masjid came to my home to do just that, and he does take note if you decide not to sign on the piece of paper. What does Aziz think would have happened to those who refused to sign? Be offered a bouquet of flowers? Aziz must surely know that their names would find their way to the central database system and get blacklisted. In much the same way, those who were once in the khidmat of Qutbuddin Saheb or were close to him were compelled to make a decision: you are either with us or against us. For Aziz, who is an American, he must know who made this ultimatum, and that was very much a ‘terror’ campaign. Contrary to Aziz’s claims, there were “secret enforcers who roam the seats of Mumbai.” There were several groups of them in and around the vicinity of Raudat Tahera at least in the first few weeks of mourning so as to kick up a fuss should Qutbuddin Saheb choose to come by for ziyarat (visit). I spoke to them in person, and they were very upfront on why they were being deployed. It was possibly the worst-kept secret. Contrary to Aziz’s claims, there have also been “hateful and fear-inducing messages” directed at Qutbuddin Saheb. To say ‘lanat’ on him is a recurring theme in the services at a Masjid I attend quite religiously. So on one hand, we were mourning the demise of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb, while on the other, we were asked to say ‘lanat’ on Qutbuddin Saheb. All said, I do believe, as evidenced in her piece, that Shireen is prone to exaggeration, and perhaps even sensationalism, but for Aziz to say with callousness that the aforementioned events did not take place is nothing short of a prevarication.

The most egregious point made by Aziz is to insinuate that Shireen had sought to proselytise his kids when the opposite was apparently true. To be fair, Aziz has retracted that line but only when he was contacted by Shireen. If an intellectual like Aziz lacked the self-control in making an assertion without verifying the facts, what more an emotionally-charged ordinary Dawoodi Bohra? Aziz is guilty of the very thing he has accused Shireen of doing: being polemical and making false claims. It is unbecoming of any individual, let alone an intellectual one, to be making such a serious charge without verification. If anything, Aziz’s poor judgement here lends credence to Shireen’s claim of there being members in our community who cannot keep their emotions in check, and consequently, become all gung-ho in their actions.

I end my response with a question for Aziz: if Aziz was willing to meet U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan and engage with him in the hope that he would have a more favourable light of Muslims in America, why does Aziz then choose to shun Shireen instead of engaging with her to correct any misconceptions? Why the double standards especially when Shireen is a practising Muslim while Paul Ryan is in cahoots with Islamophobes and has also made the odd anti-Islam and racist remark about African-Americans? Aziz should perhaps reflect on his own riposte by heeding his own advice: “Be. Prepared. Engage. This is how we make a difference. This is the obligation upon all of us.” In short, engage, not isolate.

Moving forward

We are hurting as a community, some members more than others. It also looks rather likely that there could be court proceedings to resolve the succession dispute and its attendant properties et al in the eyes of the law. It is inevitable that there would be more dirty linen aired in public. But as individual followers of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb, let us honour his memory by putting a halt to the to-and-fro polemics especially on a public platform. For my brethren in the mainstream, cease with the boycotts and the hate-filled rhetoric. In fact, why not reach out and engage? Let us not use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. We should be confident in our own identity and culture to withstand any breakaways. For those with Qutbuddin Saheb, do not make it difficult for us to pursue our own beliefs, while you do yours. Each to its own. In the spirit of cautious engagement, I would urge Aziz and Shireen to meet up over a cup of coffee.

I end my riposte with a question for all Dawoodi Bohras to think and ponder: how can we be known as a peace-loving community with the late Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb fondly remembered as an Ambassador of Peace when we cannot even be peaceful among ourselves?


Abdeali Ujjainwalla, an Asianist, has a doctorate in political science from University College London. He blogs more in his mind than on the web.

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160 responses to “Airing Dirty Linen in Public: A Critical Riposte to Hamza and Poonawalla”

  1. this is the best article written on this issue so far. thanks for having a balanced opinion rather than being functioning as a medium for the platform of either side

  2. Excellent article. I have mentioned in comments on Shireen’s article that Shireen was a good and true friend and that I have stopped speaking with her since she declared that she believes Qutbuddin Saheb is her Moula. I would have liked to continue being her friend but I was asked by my parents not to associate with her any more and I was given to understand that talking to her was not cool anymore. All the other girls stopped speaking with her as well. I have Sunni Muslim friends and they do not believe in the same Moula since after Rasulullah SAW!! My parents have not asked me to stop speaking with them!! I love your idea of cautious engagement. I would love to get together with Shireen over a cup of coffee. Quite honestly I am curious how she is getting along and since I defended her a bit on her blog, she might forgive me and talk to me!

  3. As if the media blitz was not enough, we do not need a ‘Shireen Hamza’ to humanise it by pouring her thoughts out on a public platform.

    Thanks for questioning her motives ever so unkindly and then answering your own question and brilliantly exonerating her. This is precisely what we needed. We needed a Shireen Hamza to put a name and a face to effects of social boycott.

  4. I see that the die-hard Mufaddalies do not like a balanced view from one among themselves….and the other side does not like your unkind questioning of the motives of the darling-of-both-sides Shireen Hamza. More dirty linen will be aired here I am afraid. As someone said before, if there is dirty linen someone will air it! One man’s dirty linen is another man’s Speaking Up For Change….

  5. A little too personal and wordy. But the article does raise some good counterpoints and questions. On balance, a good piece. Thanks for posting.

  6. Ha ha ha, “grammatically-poor comment”, sorry professor? By the way how long it took to read the comment. Does the grammatical mistake upset you more or the truthfulness of comment. Be honest now. Ha ha ha.

    After Shireen, nice try by Ujjainwala, though. Well done.

  7. Now don’t rush to conclusion “I see that the die-hard Mufaddalies do not like a balanced view from one among themselves”

    There are impostors, pretending to be Dawoodi Bohra and posting comments.

  8. It’s not love of Khuzema Qutbuddin that drives these people here but it’s the hatred of Maula Mufaddal Saifuddin and in turn hatred of Maula Burhanuddin and Dawat; as they always use “Kothar” as their first and foremost card in their volley of offense. Seems eerily familiar like being on “progressive bohra” forum.

    And with that, I sign off, adios!

  9. The fact you cannot tell the difference between someone making a sarcastic comment and someone being upset reveals your lack of intellect. Why don’t you debate the points in the article instead of making snide remarks?

  10. Wow. Can’t stop laughing.

    “Why don’t you debate the points in the article instead of making snide remarks?”

    I have no intention to, Professor. I mentioned my point on article only. You made snide remark –

    “It was a big waste of my time to read such a grammatically-poor comment.”

  11. Not you. My point was to a couple of others and the “author”….

    I have no time for this.

  12. Maybe you should re-read the article when you have the time. The author is a “Dawoodi Bohra follower of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb.” Kothar is also just one of many points he made. Doesn’t seem that it was the author’s first and foremost card, to use your words.

  13. I see that you are busy on this blog making generic personal attacks, same as on the other one. Why is it that you find it so hard to believe that people who believe in Mufaddal Moula can also be intelligent, balanced and self critical. Could it be because you meet such few of them?!
    After all there is always room for improvement in any person or organization and if we are honest, we will admit that there is TONS of room for improvement in our dawat…..If I could change one thing, I would drop the experience of sitting in a dark masjid and watching hours and hours of video footage, some of it mind numbingly booorrrriiinnnggg. I am a young female still living with my parents so I don’t have money dealings with dawat but I do hear my parents grumble all the time…So I bet there is some truth to the comments about money politics…Why don’t the powers that be just accept that change is needed and get on with the task rather than get paranoid about cronies making comments…whatever that means…

  14. “If I could change one thing, I would drop the experience of sitting in a dark masjid and watching hours and hours of video footage, some of it mind numbingly booorrrriiinnnggg.”

    Wow! I don’t go much to the masjid and the few times I do it’s only to please my mom and then I get stuck watching a video of a million people doing deedar or giving taziyat. Frame after frame after frame of the same thing…I do so second that @mufaddalmoulazindabad:disqus

  15. Our Amilsab fast forwarded a lot of stuff like that. Also depends on the IT persons. Not all jamat and Aamil are same. Talk to the Amil.
    Some people go rarely to masjid and that too they go for pleasing their mom or something like that so they should not expect to bring change.

    My mom and friends are active so they can and do make lot of constructive changes. Earn the trust first then ofcourse people would listen to u too.

    Anyways, enough arguing on my part. Bye.

  16. I go to the masjid for every-single-mind-numbing miqat. You should send your mom over to talk to our Aamil…No one in our jamaat can talk to our aamil. He pretty much does what he pleases. Our Aamil here thinks every three hour video is like a digital message from God…He does not skip a single second.

  17. I hope you are not talking about yourself. Learn the meaning of the word ‘crony’ and use it in the proper context.

  18. Much work needs to be done. Your command of English is awful. Not just grammar, but spelling too.

  19. There are also Dawoodi Bohras who embarrass the rest of us with their lack of intellect. I am interacting with one now.

  20. ‘Try harder’ is often a cop-out answer for someone who is lost for words, and has nothing intelligent to say.

  21. ‘rest my case’ is often a cop-out answer for someone who is lost for words, and has nothing intelligent to say.

  22. To ‘copy-and-paste’ also shows you have lost the argument. You can now have the last word. Maybe you might say something intelligent for a change.

  23. have you ever taken a Misaaq? do you know some of the content of the misaaq? those sunni friends of yours come after how many generations after Rasulullah SAW?Are they attacking us now? and then again shireen made her OWN choice TODAY… there is no comparison… she decides to follow a person who would take MY Moula to court… and you defend her? I don’t get that logic

  24. You should get out more. Persecution of Shi’a Muslims do take place. Google and educate yourself.

  25. hey, i didnt say get in bed with them… and if you tell me to “google and educate myself” why thank you i did. and apparently i understood that much that i do not have to hate the sunni friend next to me for the persecutor who lived half a world away, but then again how am i to know what a ‘google educated person’ like you might think, i mean after all…you are educated.

  26. Good. No need to get so edgy. Don’t comment if you can’t take the heat. If you do not hate the Sunni friend, why must you question someone who is a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim? It was expected to go to court. The author predicted too.

  27. No ones getting edgy. you just assumed i was uneducated/ less educated… i ain’t gonna take that without a pinch of salt. Being a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim doesn’t make a person unquestionable, I mean if that Dawoodi Bohra Muslim decides to follow someone who , i repeat again (as you apparently decided to side track my comment and talk about persecution of Shi’a Muslims and all) takes my Moula to court…extremely questionable in my opinion.
    and about the author predicting it… I sincerely don’t care, my comment was about questioning the persons’ apparent defending of shireen’s position, not why they went to court. i know that, and imagine, i didn’t even have to Google it.!

  28. An educated person usually asks informed questions. Not ask something ridiculous like have you taken a Misaaq. An educated person, knowing the circumstances, is intelligent enough to know that legal proceedings will come into play. Yes, you can question the person just as that person can question you. It works both ways. Each to its own beliefs.

  29. the question asked was to get information. if i already had the information then i would not have asked the question.! but then again, in this scenario, my question was purely rhetoric…more for effect.and if the person has taken Misaq, then one of the vows is that you will not keep in touch (for lack of better phrasing) with those who go against. and as per the username “Mufaddal zindabad” that there what he/she is hoping for is basicaly conflicting with that. and man, i repeat, i actually don’t care about the legal proceedings in this context, its intelligence notwithstanding. My quarrel is actually with the persons defense of the aforementioned.

  30. So was your question rhetorical or to seek information? Do you even know what rhetorical means? Educate yourself on the meaning of Misaaq (Google won’t help) before you spout your drivel here. Do not trivialise its importance.

  31. i am talking about one of the vows of the misaaq and you are talking about the meaning of Misaaq…and here i was thinking that i was talking with a person who had an iota of common sense. talking about drivel and rhetoric…big words huh?! no wonder you were repeating the court case thing and all, the only thing you were confident talking about…no matter man…i was told you find all kinds of people online, it being said that this is a free world, you got your opinion, and unfortunately i can’t stop ya voicing(writing?) it! 😐

  32. Educate yourself on the meaning of Misaaq which includes the vows. The rest of your comment is incoherent.

  33. Mohammed bhai;

    Just look at “MufaddalMaulaZindabad”‘s all the posts. She started out posing as a follower of Maula Mufaddal but than slowly all her layers peeled off and finally she showed her true colours.
    The so called reformists, some Udaipurias, some KQ’s family/fans are all taking advantage of this situation right here on this forum plus some Wahabis have chimed in as well.

    May Mufaddal Maula live ta rose qayamat.

  34. His silliness Khuzema Qutbuddin, has approached honorable court, in which he have full faith… the press release goes.

    Further press release state that Khuzema Qutbuddin have faith that judge will appoint him Dai which Imam uz Zaman and Doat Mutlaqin fail to do.

    Now all the functioning of qutbis will be under court observation, and the name of judge will be in the qutbis misaaq text as the issue is subjudice. The qutbis misaaq will be for the Judge only, until the issue is resolved.

    Here wishing qutbis all the luck, they gonna need it.

  35. His Silliness Khuzema Qutbuddin, has approached honorable court, in which he have full faith… the press release goes.

    Now all the functioning of qutbis will be under court observation, and the name of judge will be in the qutbis misaaq text as the issue is subjudice. The qutbis misaaq will be for the Judge, until the issue is resolved. lol

  36. You are a waste of space Khuzema ‘broken-record-try-harder’ clown. No wonder you were called dumb.

  37. aha…if i would have know that i was speaking to these people (aka Alihussein guys) i would have stopped! waste of space and resources on earth…but on the other hand they should be around to see the prosperity of A’li Qadr Moula TUS.

  38. Go ahead do whatever personal attack against me, you want to do, we know its few same people with different Ids/name posting against all mumineen.

  39. Mohammedbhai, we know its few same people with different Ids/name posting against all mumineen.

  40. Now you have done fitnah. And you have the gall to ask people about their Misaaq. You are an embarrassment.

  41. Ah, if only they would leave us be, weren’t they told “Lakum deenokum Waleyadeen”?

  42. Try much harder jerk.

    His Silliness Khuzema Qutbuddin, has approached honorable court, in which he have full faith… the press release goes.

    Now all the functioning of qutbis will be under court observation, and the name of judge will be in the qutbis misaaq text as the issue is subjudice. The qutbis misaaq will be for the Judge, until the issue is resolved. lol

  43. Problem is you guys want US to stop following Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin. And that is NEVER going to happen. NEVER!

    You can follow or not follow whoever you wish. But please just leave us alone.

    Thank you!

  44. OK…aha…if i would have know that i was speaking to these people (A.K.A the person who has been stalking me and doesnt want me to use his name in this space) i would have stopped! waste of space and resources on earth…but on the other hand they should be around to see the prosperity of A’li Qadr Moula TUS.

  45. Try harder, jerk. By clown you mean khuzema qutbuddin, right? He running from pole to post.

  46. You can follow Satan if you want. But leave us alone!
    You guys are attacking us not the other way around.

  47. You assumed I was attacking you, and following Khuzema Qutbuddin. That makes you juvenile and dumb.

  48. Good you are trying harder, still you are a jerk.

    What happen to talk to the hand thing, jerk

  49. I was here before you were. Go read your own comment. Get hold of a dictionary if you don’t know what assumption means.

  50. “I was here before you” no she was here before me…. tag. na na na naaaa na ….. keep playing that infantile game.

  51. Neither have you talked about the article. The only thing you blabbered was that it was a waste of time.

  52. Annoying part is ….they can do whatever they want and they are doing it.

    They just need to leave us Mufaddal Maula’s followers alone.

  53. Thats right the article was waste of time. And look at your comments, you went every comments of mine and started blabbering.

  54. That was their stupid notion to begin with from the day of demise of Maula Burhanuddin.

    KQ and his odd 13 people in his cult thought people would flock to Thane and Bakersfield and bow down to narcissistic KQ.

    Long live Mufaddal Maula TUS.

  55. Khuzema the ‘try-harder’ clown has a poor command of English. Try and use simpler words.

  56. You yourself have no coherent or logical arguments so now you point at other peoples’ style of writing?

    I bet he knows other languages too.

    Don’t bother writing back. I’ve had enough of you.

  57. I asked you a perfectly logical question before Khuzema interjected. Khuzema does not deserve the same from me. Btw, I didn’t point to his style of writing.

  58. These jerks are paid jerk, so don’t bother to reply to them. You had time you made comment and carry on. I have some-time to pass, so I play with this jerk and move on with my work. Carry on with your work…regards

  59. Point taken. I was merely giving Khuzema a taste of his own medicine. He deserves to be banned in my humble opinion.

  60. I believe that @MufaddalMoulaZindabad is a follower of your Moula. She had a change of heart about talking to Shireen but I don’t think that she has become pro KQ. However, with MS appearing to have lied about the London Nass episode, I won’t be surprised if my new hero MMZ switches sides…Or at least becomes a cultural Bohra/fence-sitter like me 🙂 Where are u MMZ? Are you switching sides? I know you want to move on etc. But do share your thoughts on the facts coming to light in the legal documents.

    Thè bigger question is why would YOU Farida, continue following someone who clearly did not have Nass conferred on him the way you were told it was. You know, no one informed the doctors that SMB had just sat up and spoken loud and clear and had sipped sherbet. No one questioned Doctors why SMB had stopped talking and swallowing right after the nass. So his medical records say that he was not able to articulate words or to swallow throughout his hospital stay. Very weird!

  61. You know Umme, I tried to look for change and tried hard to look into KQ’s claims, but they are just that fake claims. Infact, the more we studied their website an claims, the more hatred we got for him.
    They have not been able to convince me and others. We did try and now we are even more sure that Syedna Mufaddal Maula IS on THE right path.

  62. From her perspective, our Moula is an impostor and HE has usurped her Moual’s rightful place. Your argument bears no merit for me. Since we are discussing in an intellectual forum, let’s be candid. Yet she is at peace that mumineen will see light and bears no one any ill-will. I visited her house, everyone is happy and at peace even though they have nothing! No masjid, no markaz, nothing. All they have is love for their Moula and a very firm belief that they are siding with truth. There is a lot of deeni activity, namaaz, Quran tilawat, madrassa and sabaqs. They don’t seem to have missed a beat. Everything happens via video conference from home so I was witness to a lot of it.
    Their is so much anguish and nastiness in these comments from our side. Their peace draws me to them even though I know that I won’t be officially switching sides for a very long time – perhaps never. Umme Hani, I hope that answers your question as well.

    As far as other Muslemeen not attacking us, I know that the Taliban have killed our people in Karachi – NOW. I know Narendra Modi has killed mumineen and muslemeen yet he is welcomed in our masjid. Please do not tell me whom I can speak with. I am quite capable of judging for myself. I know my candor will inspire hateful/mournful comments. I regret that I chose this ID to start commenting on Shireen’s blog. I don’t feel so strongly about it any more.

  63. hey, i don’t care about her perspective. what i am sayin is that you better get yours straight…and about the Sunni’s attacking whatnot … i was actually asking you whether your Sunni friend attacked someone (is he/she taliban?), stop bringing the world into your argument…and about the ID…i think it is high time you stopped using it!…and as for your judgment… i would question it.

  64. I am so proud of you! You call it like you see it. People are so invested in their allegiances and the comfort of numbers that they stop thinking and evaluating a situation objectively. You have crossed that hurdle. You are very courageous. Just like your friend.
    Don’t let people like this Mohammed scare you. I can tell he cannot handle losing an argument. It is a sign of a weak hand. Good luck on you journey my dear. I hope some day I get to meet you in person.

  65. Once again, google and educate yourself: there are Sunni Muslims who have ‘attacked’ Shi’a Muslims, and they are neither Salafists nor Talibanists. It is people like you who give our community a bad name with your wilful ignorance. If anyone needs their judgement to be questioned, it is yours, for you have lost all credibility in your first comment. It is also dumb to say that one should not bring the world into an argument. Where do you think we are living? Mars?

  66. For a self proclaimed “fence-sitter” like you , you are pretty in favor of Khuzema Qutbuddin and his cult.

    Stop lying! Qutbi cultists always pretend first to be suave, calm, collected then they start showing their true selves.
    KQ has taught you well, “Umme Hani” ha ha

  67. Disagree with the person, but stop embarrassing the rest of us with your immature comments and insinuations.

  68. On being clear about the ‘community’ I belong to, I do not need to make it clear, not least to you. It is none of your business. Not being politically-correct here. I am telling it straight to your Buffalo Bill face.

    People like you disgust me. Going around willy-nilly calling people dushman. Are you one of those who think that if you are not a Dawoodi Bohra, you are a dushman? Is the author of the above piece a dushman too? Who died and made you the arbiter of who is a dushman or not?

    You called ‘Umme-Hani’ a liar but you are a liar yourself. Read the article and if you understand simple English, you will discover the attacks are from BOTH SIDES.

    Get that buffalo head of yours out of the swamp.

  69. Awww shut the frack up! !!! Take your nonsense to “reformist Bohra” website or your Qutbi Cult.
    You have no idea how these “Umme Hani” and her chums have been fiddling here.
    Initial attack is from the Qutbi Cult.

    First learn to spell Hussain properly! You are an insult to Dawoodi Bohras, if in fact you are one at all.

  70. Now you have a dirty mouth. You have lost the argument. Continue to embarrass yourself. You are doing a good job.

  71. Yes that is how ‘Bufallo’ is spelt. And you spelt ‘Hussain’ and ‘Husain’ one after another. You are one confused individual.

  72. You have spoken the truth. I am suave, collected and have no allegiance to any ideology. Just because I root for the underdog does not mean I have pledged him allegiance. And I am encouraging this young lady MMZ to follow her heart. Be it to break free or to move to the Other side and more importantly to never be scared off by hater mongers such as yourself and Mohammed. Thanks for the compliments though.

    Not everyone has a stagnant mind. MMZ evolved from a meek little thing who followed her friends and obeyed her parents to someone who realized how she had wronged her good and true friend, ideologies aside. I am thrilled by her evolution because it gives me hope that there is still some life in the Bohra conscience. She is still far from being a “Qutbi” and neither am I but she is a much improved human being for sure! Your comment does not make any sense. In fact if what I have said here makes me a Qutbi cultist then I WANT to be one of them.

  73. And you sir are a disgrace to Bohras and your Moula. Do you really think that you are doing him any favors by getting so emotional? I am not even sure why you butted into my response to MMZ when you had no new perspective to add. The response was addressed to her and I was not making any general comments about Mufaddalys and such. Please stay out of my conversation with MMZ. If there was a way to have a private conversation with her, I would.

  74. I was not really doing that, but thanks nonetheless. I was making a few broader points in response to an imbecile who does not even know how to spell ‘buffalo’ correctly.

  75. Hey “Abdeali Ujjainwala” – go watch the video taken in London’s Cromwell Hospital.

  76. Hey “Mohammed”, go and get your brain examined. If you actually read the article and understood plain English, you will realise that the author is a follower of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb.