Is Intelligent Design A Joke?

The Uncommon Descent blog posted a link to a page that the author of the post thought was worth looking at as an illustration of the problems with evolution. If you visit the original site, you will see that it is clearly an attempt at humor, not a critique of science.

Apparently even some proponents of Intelligent Design cannot tell attempts at humor from their own attempts at “science”. Does this prove beyond reasonable doubt that this form of ID is in fact a joke?

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  • Does a joke have to be funny?

  • That’s a very good question! I tell many jokes, and rely heavily on the fact that most of the time students will only remember the funny ones and forget all the failed attempts.Presumably much has to do with intention. A joke is intended to be funny. I won’t try to guess whether anyone involved in the Intelligent Design movement sees themselves as bringing entertainment to scientifically well-informed audiences, so I suppose I can’t tell whether they really are a joke or not. All I know is that the last time I tried to make a parody, someone found a group genuinely advocating what I had said in gest. At that point, I stopped laughing…well, I should say I stopped laughing about that. 🙂

  • J-Dog

    It is my contention that having a good sense of hummor automatically disqualifies you from being an IDC proponent. (And Ben Stein does NOT count. I said having a good sense of humor…)NONE of the leading lights of IDC have a good sense of humor… and look at all the trouble Dembski’s got into trying to “make teh funny”.I don’t think Baylor was amused. Either time.Now THAT’s funny!The link that you are posting about here, and the UD-ites misunderstanding it? Now that’s funny too. However, being the unwitting butt of jokes, does not mean you have a good sense of humor – it just means you are a butt.

  • Wow. Every now and then, I come across something worthy of the phrase “brilliantly stupid.” This is worthy.

  • I hope you were referring to what my post was about, rather than my post itself! 🙂