Thank You, Blogger! Now You Can Be Notified Via E-Mail Of Subsequent Comments!

Blogger seems to have added a feature that allows you to be e-mailed when there are follow-ups to your comments. This is good news! May it turn this blog into the forum for ongoing discussion that I have always hoped it might be!

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  • Wonderful! I saw that feature over at Occasional Publications and drooled …

  • Oh, (wo)man! This is, hands down, some of the happiest news of my life. Okay, maybe not quite, but I really am quite excited about the possibilities this new feature opens!(And by the way, I didn’t realize that you linked to my blog until just recently. Many thanks! I will likewise include your wonderful in my Biblioblogroll, which is now alternatively entitled “Certain Lewd Fellows of the Baser Sort.” ;-)Esteban

  • As an update, and perhaps to compare notes, I thought I’d let you know that I haven’t received updates on any of the posts I’ve subscribed to. Have you? Perhaps I’m missing something.

  • It seemed to be working for me. It send them to your registered Google address. I’ll try checking the box – perhaps the problem is just on my blog. I don’t check the box here, since I’m notified about comments anyway.

  • It’s working marvelously for me too. I get them in my hotmail.

  • James, I checked my Gmail account, and sure enough, the notifications were there! However, I receive my Blogger notifications at another address, and when I subscribe to a thread, it says it will send them there, but doesn’t. Huh. I’ll have to poke around Blogger options to see what’s the problem!Phil, did you have to enable anything in particular to receive your notifications on Hotmail, or does it just treat them like the rest of your notifications from the beginning?

  • It just did it straight from the beginning. But then, I don’t have a gmail account. I sign into blogger with my hotmail address.