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Seeking Truth vs. Seeking Victory

I’m just sharing there to set them side by side, because the contrast is noteworthy. If the humanities are less ‘scientific’ than the natural sciences, clearly Intelligent Design is not even in the same league with the humanities. On the one hand, there is a beautiful statement that April DeConick made on her blog, about [Read More…]

Biblical Studies Carnival (You’ll Have To Hurry!)

Reposted from Abnormal Interests without modifications, since the time is short! _____________________________________ Please help Tyler with this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. He is willing to pick up a bouncing ball for us but he also needs our help. You should submit your nominations for the Carnival, including your own posts, at ASAP. Tyler just [Read More…]

Animator vs. Animation II

There is a game, and now a movie, based on animation that rebels against its maker. No theological analysis for now…just entertainment. Enjoy! (Embedding it didn’t work, so you’ll have to click the link) [Read more…]

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

I finally watched BSG Razor last night and it was fantastic. Battlestar Galactica has been fantastic in raising key issues and challenging stereotypes, forcing viewers to ask difficult and uncomfortable questions that apply not simply to humans and cylons in the far-off reaches of space but to us today. Spoiler alert: I will be talking [Read More…]

News From The Heavens: On Titan’s Tots and Taurus’ Teens

I just want to share a couple of exciting bits of news from Scientific Blogging. One post announces the discovery of organic molecules in Titan’s atmosphere. Titan’s atmosphere resembles that which the early earth is thought to have had, and the molecules in question are the same sort created by humans in the lab, when [Read More…]

Learning Mandaic

OK, it is official – I will be spending time learning Mandaic between now and the end of next summer, and trying to move from there to doing some work on the Mandaean texts (perhaps revisiting the question of connections with the Gospel of John, from the perspective of the most recent research and resurgence [Read More…]

What’s So Great About Evolution?

Gordon J. Glover, who has the blog Beyond the Firmament and a book by the same name, has shared a series of videos offering intelligent, articulate and respectful explanations of evolution aimed at Christians who have heard it blamed for atheism and the evidence supporting it called into question. I am posting the first one [Read More…]

We Wish You An Intelligently-Designed Creationmas

While priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin waxed poetic about his majestic vision of the universe and our place in it, I noticed that there seemed to be no young-earth creationist or intelligent design poets and hymn-writers (unless you count the guy who sings in the PBS Evolution documentary…[shudder]). So I poked around the [Read More…]

Practice Makes Permanent (Bionic Birdwatching)

In last night’s episode of Bionic Woman, Jamie Sommers found herself stuck in the role of the only person available to take over the role of a dead assassin whose mission was to kill a nuclear scientists about to sell state of the art technology to North Korea. Great throw-away lines abounded, such as Jamie’s [Read More…]

A Review of God and Evolution

God and Evolution: A Reader, edited by Mary Kathleen Cunningham (New York: Routledge, 2007) If there is a hurdle that often confronts those seeking to understand and think through the relationship between God and evolution, it is an awareness and appreciation of the range of views on the subject. Cunningham’s reader goes a good way [Read More…]