Since I started using Google Reader, I have tended to add new blogs of interest to my feeds there, without in most instances adding them to my blogroll. The result is that my blogroll is rather out of date. If you know I read your blog (or think I should if I don’t), and your blog is not on my blogroll, please leave a comment here and I’ll probably add yours. If you notice any that are up there which have gone defunct, do feel free to draw those to my attention too. Thanks!

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  • rtjones

    You have linked to Communal Feast a couple times, so I assume I’m in your reader. I probably ought to do the same with my blogroll which only lists about a third of the blogs I actually read. But I’ve got you in there, and as a bonus, I even got your first name right on the mouse-over.

  • Jake Bouma

    Well… since you opened it up, I have a blog I think you should be reading! I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite some time now.

  • Drew Tatusko

    I am thinking of switching from Bloglines to Google Reader. I like how it’s all…widgety. But I like the Bloglines Beta format sooo much. I wish I could import my feeds from one to the other to pilot other reader more effectively…

  • Deane


  • Ken Brown

    I think you read my blog (I’ve seen it in your reader occasionally, anyway), but it feels somehow wrong to ask to be added to your blogroll. So I’ll just wink and nudge… 😉

  • jonmower

    I generate a blogroll from within Google Reader. I created at “blogroll” tag that I apply to the feeds in GR. Then made that tag public under settings->tags. Then “add a clip to your site” like with the shared items feed.

  • jonmower

    Also, on the subject of feedreaders, now that I see that you have a shared items feed, I’ll plan to add it to the shared items tool I created and recommend that folks check it out…a way to further facilitate the sharing of Google Reader shared items

  • BSM

    Your blog roll striking thoughts link is no longer valid. I moved to a new home: martial arts now so you may not be interested. ~BCP