Defining Stupidity and Combatting Ignorance: Video and Widget Highlights

Sandwalk points out a YouTube video with Ben Stein making statements about science that are not even wrong, they are wrong-headed.

What’s the appropriate way to characterize such nonsense? On the one hand, I once held young-earth creationist views, and I would like to believe that it wasn’t the case that I was simply stupid. But I was stupid to spout nonsense about a subject I knew too little about.

Perhaps Encyclopedia Brittanica’s offer will help. They are offering free access to bloggers. Maybe that will add intelligence to the blogosphere…if we use it.

The question of reason is featured on a recent Colbert Report, featuring Susan Jacoby. It focuses on popular sentiments about religion combined with ignorance. Highlights include the elitism of knowing more than others do…

If you still haven’t had enough videos with the above, then check out this one about what Hilary Clinton needs to do to win the Democratic nomination

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