Archives for May 5, 2008

Leaving God Behind

I was going to call this blog entry “Taking Leave Of God”, but since I’ve actually never read Don Cupitt’s book by that title, I decided not to allude to it. The inspiration for this entry in fact comes from some verses in Exodus 33 – a story tucked away between the better-known stories of the [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Henry Neufeld)

“The ID movement is the noisiest bunch of “suppressed” people in history. If their voices are cut off, there sure is no evidence of the fact” (From the blog Threads From Henry’s Web), [Read more…]

Butler Children’s Orchestra

Rite at Stonehenge (composed by Elliot Del Borgo) Kabuki Dance (composed by Richard Meyer) Classical Bash Allegro (composed by Shinichi Suzuki) [Read more…]

Around the Blogosphere

Doug Chaplin highlights a news article about a study which shows that fundamentalists don’t know the Bible better than others, and that reading the Bible more doesn’t lead one to vote for a particular party. Is anyone surprised…apart from fundamentalists?Liberal Pastor discusses what it means to be a Progressive Christian. I hope Mystical Seeker and [Read More…]

Don’t Click, Just Wait For The Check

Don’t fall for the following hoax/scam/phishing attempt. The IRS will send you your check, you don’t need to click on the link in this e-mail if you received it. The link goes to Clearly that isn’t the IRS web site. Be patient. Your check will come. If you fall for this hoax, however, you [Read More…]