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Only A Theory

I was thinking of calling this blog entry “Germ Warfare”, because there are striking parallels between the science of evolution and the science of germs. For most of us living in the United States and Western Europe today, it is hard to imagine a time when people did not believe the germ theory of illness, [Read More…]

4400 Prophecies

In the first few episodes of season 4 of The 4400, a book comes to light that belonged to a religious sect that existed almost a century earlier. The book mentions a Messiah and contains a sketch that looks rather like Jordan Collier, mentions a special elixir, and as we find out in the season’s [Read More…]

What Lies Beneath

Plenty of people have had flashes of insight while in the bathroom. Others have them because they can’t get into the bathroom. No, this isn’t one of those stories. We decided to get some tiles put into our bathroom, as well as a new sink and toilet. When the workmen started scraping up the linoleum, [Read More…]

Evolution of the Marshmallow

There is a post quoting my on a blog called Toothface. The post’s title alone would make it worth a visit: “Unidactyl Creates the Marshmallow“. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a piece on Francisco J. Ayala. You can also read the book Science, Evolution and Creationism online for free. I’m presently reading Ken Miller’s [Read More…]

Another IRS Hoax

If you get an e-mail that says something like the following, don’t fall for it. If you check, the link in fact takes you to a site in Thailand that poses as the IRS web site, but isn’t. Here’s the text: After the last annual calculations of your account activity we have determined thatyou are [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Joel R. Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams)

“The narrow, local kind of mythic explanation that sufficed when cultures rarely mixed will never work in the emerging global culture. We now need myths that are not only scientifically believable but allow us to participate – all of us. To experience the human meaning of modern scientific cosmology, and to turn it into a [Read More…]

Ancient Journalism

Bill Heroman has been posting on the possibility of Matthew having taken notes about things that Jesus said and did during his public ministry. Since I’ve been thinking quite a bit about orality and the Jesus tradition, I joined in the conversation. The subject of how common it was for notes to be taken by [Read More…]

4400 Worshippers

Last night I watched the first episode of season 4 of The 4400, a show that parallels Heroes in certain respects, but also involves time travel and other elements that are popular on LOST, Doctor Who and a number of other shows. The first episode of the season is entitled “The Wrath of Graham” and [Read More…]

LOST: Three Possible Endings

As we ponder the mysteries of LOST, one major question is how the series could end in a way that ties up the loose ends and resolves key questions, leaving fans satisfied. Here are three possible endings (one serious, two tongue in cheek): Ending 1: Turning the wheel the other way At the end of [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

Mystical Seeker and is just one of many blogging about the recent statistics about doctors’ belief in miracles. Science and Religion Today is another. John Wilkins has been having fun with Christians and worldviews. Jason Rosenhouse is blogging about the Sixth International Conference on Creationism. Scientists may have replicated the evolution of RNA into DNA [Read More…]