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My brethren, stop being so stupid. Stop forwarding half-cocked emails based on bad logic and spite. The British journalist about choked on his microphone when the seemingly intelligent general manager of an ethanol plant in Missouri started talking about how he could never vote for Obama because he’s scared and in Revelation 13 it says that an olive skinned Muslim will trigger the Armageddon.

We don’t just look like a bunch of kooks. We are a bunch of kooks. I’d be willing to put up with Christians speaking out on the election if they showed the least amount of biblical worldview and a marginal ability to exegete a Biblical text. But they don’t. The eschatology of someone who can find “an olive-skinned Muslim” in the Book of Revelation is that of a deluded maniac.

Not only that, our Biblical rhetoric thinly veils a Republican partisanship that is downright idolatry. Bible-Thumpers across the spectrum reveled in the lurid missteps of Clinton. But when Bush showed the militancy of a Caligula we were the first to bow before his throne and overlook war crimes, trampling of civil rights and the most disgusting waster of America’s bounty on bombs rather than bread. We’re not a city on a hill. We’re temple prostitutes at the altars of conservatism and neo-imperialism.

From David Ker’s blog Lingamish

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12617299120618867829 Angie Van De Merwe

    With due respect, as I recognize your scholarship in Biblical studies, I don’t think that you should set up such a stark division between the sacred and secular…Government, whether church or state, lives in the political domain. The political is the arena of disagreement and disagreement is the arena of education and/or “war”.As any nation, or person, for that matter, one has to defend the ideals or principles that are most important. I believe that America’s ideals are universal ones that must be defended. Unfortunately, we will disagree as to how, when, where and at what point differences cannot be settled through peaceful means and war is inevitible. Sure, we want peace, but we do not live in the “ideal” realm, where we will all agree and get along and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be actualized by everyone, on every occasion and in every nation (otherwise, there would be no suffering.). Though we strive to settle disputes through diplomatic efforts, there will be occasions where the “lesser of the two evils” must be chosen and “war” will be chosen as an option. War should not define our nation as an imperialistic nation, necessarily. Our nation has represented freedom to the rest of the world, and it should still.I agree that what Bush did at Guantanamo Bay was atrocious abuse of power. This is why leadership is so important to our country. But, that does not negate what is done in the name of the good, either. Whether the bail-outs of Wall Street or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, fighting for what is best was what each side thought they were doing…one, for the improvement of the economy through advantaging the disadvantaged, while the other improves the economy through advantaging the priviledged, so that their investments will continue to bring proseperity to the country.Is human capital more important than monetary capital? And on what terms is human capital or monetary capital to be sought? And are there any limitations in government’s advantaging one side versus another? In affirming both, are we not setting up a Marxist structuring of the economy where government affirms business interests (free market), while at the same time determining where the production and how the production will be maintained and distributed, limiting personal choice, as to how that capital will be attained?

  • Anonymous

    This shows that most US Christians are Cultural Christian. Cultural Christian think “I don’t have to love my enemy”. I just have to listen to christian rock, hate gays, wear Jesus Shirts, have the right bumper sticker on my car, and celebrate Christmas!Why to you think televangelists superstars are successful. They can quote the bible and that’s it.