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Klaatu’s Ark

I finally watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connoley, and of course GORT. The allusions to the story of Noah and the ark were explicit, but I wonder how many who are familiar with both stories will really think about both the similarities and differences. For one [Read More…]

The War on New Year

Apparently the forces of darkness are mounting an attack, this time on the Christian holiday of New Year’s Day, which commemorates and worshipfully celebrates the anniversary of the day on which a Romanian monk miscalculated the year in which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. In addition to the anticalendricals, it seems that [Read More…]

Christology and the Brain of Jesus

I have not yet read the book Christology and Science that has made some ripples in the blogosphere lately. I certainly hope to do so in the near future. The subject definitely interests me. Here are some questions one might ponder about Christology. If one believes that God is omnipresent, then in what sense if [Read More…]

Fundamentalism’s Cannons vs. the Church’s Canon

Reflecting further on the tendency of fundamentalists and inerrantists to flatten the voices of Scripture, to blend them or select from among them in order to reduce them to a single voice, it became apparent to me that the early church chose a different path, consciously trying to avoid this. Matthew rewrote Mark, adding to, [Read More…]

The Bible: Pure or Special Blend?

I think another aspect typical of inerrantist approaches to the Bible interfered with communication in a recent discussion of the subject of “literalism” in the comments on an earlier post. There I asked about the specific meaning, in context, of Matthew 16:28. One commenter kept trying to turn the discussion onto the breadth of possible [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Andrew Brown)

“When I became a religious affairs correspondent, and started to meet Christian intellectuals, I came to realise that some at least believed nothing I found abhorrent or ridiculous. They no more take the Bible as a work of history than I do. There were some with whom I could and can talk seriously in the [Read More…]

Latest Dharma Special Access Video

The latest Dharma Special Access video has been posted. They tend to be up only a short while and then disappear again, so LOST fans will want to hurry over there and find out what they have to say about Christian Shepherd’s white shoes (and whether inside them he has four toes on each foot). [Read more…]

Inerrancy in Poster Form

Above I offer my understanding of inerrancy’s circular logic in poster form. I apologize if my statements about “literalism” and “inerrancy” are not couched in the language of friendly dialogue that I usually strive for. But the truth is that supporters of these viewpoints bully other Christians, and make them feel as though they are [Read More…]

Fans on Facebook and Tunes on YouTube

I’ve created pages for two of my favorite composers on Facebook, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Kurt Magnus Atterberg. If there are fans of Geirr Tveitt numbering in the double digits, and even another fan of Gunnar de Frumerie, I figure I should add these two into the mix. For those looking for an introduction, you [Read More…]

The Bible’s Greatest Hits

Some people are fans of a band, while others, when they say they like the band, know only its greatest hits, the songs that make it onto the radio and onto compilation CDs. Those who say they like all of a band’s songs, like those who claim that the Bible is inerrant in every detail, [Read More…]