Latest Dharma Special Access Video

The latest Dharma Special Access video has been posted. They tend to be up only a short while and then disappear again, so LOST fans will want to hurry over there and find out what they have to say about Christian Shepherd’s white shoes (and whether inside them he has four toes on each foot).
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  • Anonymous

    I agreed with almost all of the article. But then he spoiled it with the obligatory slap at Dawkins: “the Dawkinsian view that the problem of suffering is an illusion generated by the illusion of God.”Suffering is an intellectual problem, if at all, only for those who believe in a good God. It is a practical and an emotional problem for everyone, and I cannot believe Dawkins ever denied that.

  • Anonymous

    Apologies. My previous comment on Dawkins was meant for the post on Andrew Brown.

  • scott gray

    james–at my house we’ve been watching all four seasons on dvd for our new years’ celbration. with champagne.hope you have an interesting and contented new year.scott