2009 Inspiration Awards — for Inspirational Bloggers

I’m honored that Pastor Bob Cornwall would single out my blog from among so many as one that he particularly finds inspiring. Thank you!

It is my duty to pass on the honor to others. As I try to do so, I find it incredibly difficult to narrow down the extensive list of blogs I sometimes read, or even the long list of blogs I read daily/regularly, and pick a few that have inspired me more than others. Many have inspired me from time to time. And so I’ve decided to focus on a few that have been “inspirational” in the multiple meanings of that term, as well as specifically inspiring for me in recent weeks. I apologize to the many other blogs of which I am a huge fan if your name is not on the list. It is because of the rules of the award meme, and not because of a lack of appreciation! I particularly apologize to the biblioblogging community and to those blogs that focus specifically on evolution and creation – I simply couldn’t pick a small number from among the several blogs I highly esteem in these specific categories, and so I left you all out (as well as many others)!
Here are my five:
1) Mike Leaptrott’s Progression of Faith
2) Wade Greiner’s The Evolution of the Mystery
3) Adam Walker Cleaveland’s pomomusings
4) Levi’s blah blah blah
5) Stephen Douglas’ Undeception
Several of these blogs are the work of pastors, but all of them seek to relate a serious (at times academic) reading of the Bible with relevance to communities of faith and the world in general, and to do so in creative and at times courageous ways. They all are typified by a combination of critical thinking and pastoral sensitivity, and of a desire to not segregate the two but to allow their faith to be one about which they reflect critically. I don’t always agree with them, but those instances often teach me more than the instances when I do agree with them.
Now go forth and share this honor with 5-7 blogs that have inspired you. And if it isn’t too much trouble, perhaps you can begin to spread the joy among those categories in which I could not decide.
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  • http://undeception.com Stephen Douglas

    James,It’s because I fixed the RSS thing, isn’t it? ;-)In all seriousness, I’m truly amazed and honored. I must say, though, that I doubt I could be called “inspirational” by anyone besides fellow “liberal” Christians. 😀 But hey, liberal Christians are people, too, right?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15978997781556741350 Mike L.

    James, Thanks for the honor! It came at a good time. The last 2 conversations I’ve had about my blog and my progressive religious views were not so kind. Your blog is the daily highlight in my RSS reader.

  • Wade G.

    James,Thank you for the kind words. I wish I had more time to write on the blog (when I wasn’t so exhausted from trial preparation!).Wade

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17011346264727684917 John Hobbins

    James,You are amazing. Thank you for pointing out some great blogs.