Archives for March 17, 2009

Serious Sci-Fi

There is a discussion of Battlestar Galactica taking place at the United Nations right now (HT Galactica Sitrep). This may be an important factor in people continuing to take science fiction seriously even if the Sci-Fi Channel goes ahead with changing its name to something silly. [Read more…]

God and Gays

I want to mention a very recent documentary, God and Gays, featuring gay Christians talking about the struggles they have faced as they have worked through their spiritual and sexual identities. While the segment on the Bible in the second half of the movie could have been better in some ways, the personal experiences shared [Read More…]

Und das Leben ist siegreich!

Harrassowitz Verlag seems to be becoming the publisher of scholarly books on the Mandaeans in German. Their latest such volume takes its title from the Mandaean refrain “And Life Is Victorious!” and is a collection of studies on Mandaean and Samaritan subjects in memory of Rudolf Macuch. You can see the table of contents and [Read More…]

Around St. Patrick’s Blogosphere

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For the occasion, Irenic Thoughts has pointed out that the text of Patrick’s Confession is available online. Indigenous Stranger has a version of St. Patrick’s Breastplate. 3 Quarks Daily points to a New York Times article that is relevant to some of us New Testament scholars, since it is (more or [Read More…]