C. S. Lewis on LOST (and vice versa)

Entertainment Weekly has an article on connections between LOST and Prince Caspian. Christianity Today has one about connections between LOST and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

It would be ironic if the character Charlotte S. Lewis has died just as we begin to discover the connections between LOST and the writings of the author C. S. Lewis. The EW article also notes that in the single-volume collection of the Narnia Chronicles, p.316 is the dedication page for Prince Caspian. And if you turn the page, you’ll find some LOST-related bells begin ringing immediately!

(HT Read the Spirit)

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  • Ick! If LOST is purposefully citing Narnia, I am going permanently lock out ABC on my TV! I don’t watch but just knowing… And what if my kids accidentally flipped to it? The Horror!

  • Anonymous

    Scott Ferguson is an idiot.

  • Even if Scott’s views are offensive to some, at least he has the courage to attach his name to them. A personal insult that doesn’t come from a specific person, on the other hand, is meaningless.

  • Hey, Anon, it’s called Humor. Look it up! 🙂