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Imperfect World, Imperfect Bible

Eric Reitan was kind enough to engage some of those who commented on a post featuring a quote from him. The discussion has spread to his own blog, and most recently he has offered a lengthy response to one commenter who claimed that an errant Bible would imply a God who is either not omnipotent [Read More…]

Watching Jacob Grow Young On LOST

Lately LOST has been creating time loops, and at least since Locke spotted “tall Walt” after having been shot, there were hints that individuals might move around in time. A recent MAJOR spoiler suggests that some characters who have been in the background all along, but have increasingly come into the foreground in recent episodes, [Read More…]

From Quote to Comments

A lot of the most fervent action on this blog in recent days has been on a post that offered a quotation from Eric Reitan. Well, Prof. Reitan has been kind enough to stop by and leave a couple of comments on that thread, and his words are worth hearing. So I invite even those [Read More…]

Inerrancy, Historicity, Maximalism and Minimalism

If one wishes to demonstrate that the Bible does not merely contain some information that is likely to be accurate and of historical value, but that it is inerrant, then one needs to demonstrate not merely that this or that event happened, but they all happened largely as described in the Bible. And that is [Read More…]

Review of Robin Meyers, Saving Jesus From The Church

Review of Robin R. Meyers, Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus (New York: Harper Collins, 2009). Sometimes a book you didn’t expect to read, and hadn’t even heard of, crosses your path and makes an impact on your life, or at least an impression. Robin R. Meyers’ [Read More…]

Biblical Studies Carnival 41

This is just to second Taylor Williams’ friendly reminder to submit some of your favourite posts of the month of April to the next Biblical Studies Carnival that will be hosted by yours truly right here at Exploring Our Matrix. In order to allow me to spread the preparations over a longer period, please nominate [Read More…]

Without Fear And Trembling

One of the recent conservative commenters on my blog decided to write to my pastor to make sure that he is aware of the sorts of views I have. He is (he regularly attends my Sunday school class, as well as being someone I’ve talked to often in other less formal settings). This occurrence got [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

There are so many interesting posts today that simply adding them to the “Blogs I’ve been reading” sidebar will inevitably leave some out. So here are some highlights… Jeremy Smith asks whether John’s Gospel hates on the other Gospels. Mark Goodacre raised the possibility that the centurion’s exclamation in Mark’s Gospel was sarcastic, to which [Read More…]

Dharma Students Make Learning Ancient Languages Fun

No scholar of the Bible or the ancient world should miss taking a closer look at the blackboard that Jack was erasing in a Dharma Initiative classroom in the most recent episode of LOST. If you haven’t seen it yet, it isn’t too late to avert your gaze, and most people will probably need to [Read More…]

Biblical Scholars and Personal Religion

It is exciting to learn that a new blog has been created by Alan Lenzi, devoted to the subject of Biblical Scholars and Personal Religion. Take a look! On an unrelated note, I just can’t bring myself to dedicate a post about tonight’s episode of LOST [spoilers alert]. Sure, there was significant religious content, both [Read More…]