Archives for August 24, 2009

Crossing Over

Just a quick movie-related post. I just recently saw the movie Crossing Over. It offers a portrait of diverse experiences by a range of (mostly illegal) immigrants in the United States. It is very thought provoking. Be warned, however, that this is probably not a movie to show to a church group in order to [Read More…]

Gender-Bender or Gender-Blender?

Tony Jones has posted on a topic that I also touched on recently, sharing some personal accounts of the difficulties faced by people who, because of their chromosomes and/or their genitalia, might be considered heterosexual according to one country’s laws and homosexual according to another’s. [Read more…]

Hebrews Episode I

Chris Tilling offered a link to some really excellent, top notch New Testament scholars in videos on YouTube. But how can they compete with this video from Aaron Rathburn, presenting the beginning of the Epistle to the Hebrews in Star Wars format? [Read more…]

Review of The Science Fiction Handbook

I am offering a shorter review than I usually tend to of The Science Fiction Handbook by M. Keith Booker and Anne-Marie Thomas (Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), not because the book has lesser value, but on the contrary, because the book is so rich, diverse and complex that it is difficult to summarize, other than in [Read More…]