Help Sought With Stoning Of A Homosexual Adulterer Fortune-Telling Dwarf

In a clip from an Australian TV show (which I warn you has some bad language, but it was necessary to make the point), some Australians intent on understanding American religious life take to the streets of Texas to seek help in applying some neglected commandments.

HT Friendly Atheist

Of course, Americans need help understanding Australians too…
"Today, teachers would consider that too violent."

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  • Sabio Lantz

    It is hilarious !One, it goes to show how the common person embraces beliefs as opposed to the loft philosophical types.Two, it helps educate us on key Biblical ideas like where Leviticus says we should kill these folks: 20: 9 (parent curser),13(homo), 10(adulterous), 27(fortune tellers). And these folks can’t be priests: 21:20 (hunchbacks or dwarfs)

  • Steven Carr

    Beliefs certainly have changed a lot since Jesus's day.

  • Rhology

    Oh, that is so stupid. A lame, terrible understanding of the OT. I should be surprised that you would post sthg like this, Dr McGrath, without at least showing that you understand their misunderstanding, but I've been burned before thinking too highly of your biblical knowledge. Wish they'd asked me…

  • James F. McGrath

    I'm sure it's not too late – if you're going to be in Australia, let them know!

  • Pseudonym

    Unfortunately, that was the last ever episode of The Chaser's [i]War[/i]. They've become too high-profile in recent years to get away with most of their pranks.