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Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part One

John H. Walton’s book The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2009) has deservedly been getting significant amounts of attention. It combines a committment to the authority of Scripture with a direct and pointed challenge to a very popular way of viewing the Bible and its [Read More…]

If You’re Determined To Plagiarize

A message to students at the start of a new academic year: If you are determined to plagiarize, at least have the courtesy to do so as early as possible in the semester. Plagiarism is a heinous act of intellectual dishonesty. It is the attempt to pass off another’s work as your own, whether in [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Michael Whitenton)

Anyone who uses Strong’s Numbers has no idea how to read Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek (depending on the Strong’s Number). All that will spill from that person’s mouth is rubbish (mixed with that morning’s breakfast). — Michael Whitenton, “No, that’s not what it means at all (an open letter)” on his blog Ecce Homo [Read more…]

A Course In Stupidity

A colleague sent me this link to a Huffington Post article about a course at Occidental College on Stupidity. Here’s the course description: Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence rather than its opposite. It is an artifact of our nature [Read More…]

You Scare Me, Mr. Pritchett

On a Romanian blog I learned of an open letter written by Lou Pritchett, a retired VP of Procter and Gamble, to President Obama. In it, he expresses a number of things that scare him about Obama. Even being in regular contact with conservative viewpoints, I was still taken aback by what Pritchett wrote: AN [Read More…]

Genesis: The Missing Chapters

I’m sure that the thought has crossed my mind before, and I’m sure that books I read about the Hebrew Bible mentioned this, but having been reading lately about ancient creation stories, perhaps my mind has been processing this familiar data from a different angle lately. What struck me this morning is the absence of [Read More…]

My First Sabbatical: A Retrospective

I toyed with the idea of calling or subtitling this sabbatical retrospective “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Certainly there was some of the latter: a severe case of bronchitis early on, and an attempted break-in at my house (I was out of the house for perhaps 5 minutes, came home and found the [Read More…]

Crossing Over

Just a quick movie-related post. I just recently saw the movie Crossing Over. It offers a portrait of diverse experiences by a range of (mostly illegal) immigrants in the United States. It is very thought provoking. Be warned, however, that this is probably not a movie to show to a church group in order to [Read More…]

Gender-Bender or Gender-Blender?

Tony Jones has posted on a topic that I also touched on recently, sharing some personal accounts of the difficulties faced by people who, because of their chromosomes and/or their genitalia, might be considered heterosexual according to one country’s laws and homosexual according to another’s. [Read more…]

Hebrews Episode I

Chris Tilling offered a link to some really excellent, top notch New Testament scholars in videos on YouTube. But how can they compete with this video from Aaron Rathburn, presenting the beginning of the Epistle to the Hebrews in Star Wars format? [Read more…]