Archives for September 29, 2009

Translating vs. Rewriting the Bible: The Conservative Bible Project

Don’t get me wrong: “rewriting” the Bible has a long and illustrious heritage. Chronicles retelling the story in the Former Prophets (or Deuteronomistic History, if you prefer). One Gospel retelling the story found in another. Midrashes and commentaries and Diatessarons and Targums and all sorts of other things. The only thing that bothers me is [Read More…]

Teaching the Bible with the help of Science Fiction

As someone who is interested in the various ways that religion and sci-fi can intersect, I was particularly delighted to read Steve Cook’s piece that recently appeared on the Society of Biblical Literature web site. It is about the use of Planet of the Apes to teach students about archaeology and the Bible. There’s also [Read More…]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Thirteen

The thirteenth proposition in Walton’s book is that “the difference between origin accounts in science and scripture is metaphysical in nature. I am not certain that this is the best way of expressing Walton’s key point, which is that the Bible affirms purpose or teleology rather than a specific process. Science consciously eliminates teleology from [Read More…]