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Find Your Way Here

I’ve had a regular stream of visitors for quite some time, searching for keywords like “Obama antichrist” or “ubamah lightning”, “who’s who scam” and “vista black screen after login”. But it is always refreshing to see a change in what leads folks here. For instance, just now I noticed a few rather more interesting and [Read More…]

The Alien Intervention Institute

Gordon J. Glover offers a brilliant parody of intelligent design arguments in the video he has created for the “Alien Intervention Institute”: And for those interested in how parody, Martha Stewart and the wedding at Cana might relate to one another, I offer my friend Charles Allen’s sermon, “A Lovely Merlot.” [Read more…]

Honey, Locusts and Interspirituality

I chimed in on a discussion at Honey and Locusts about “interspirituality”. Since I know that there are readers of this blog interested in (and even organizing a blog conference about!) how Christians think theologically about other religions, some may want to take a look at what has been an interesting conversation so far, on [Read More…]

Legal Sea Foods

My favorite moment in the two-hour premier of Heroes was when Peter, faster than ever, had run to Boston to get clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods in Boston. Being originally from the East Coast, I miss clam chowder and many other seafood items. And when I was at SBL in Boston last year, I [Read More…]

Did Matthew Know Luke? A Neglected Angle on the Synoptic Problem

I was going to call this something like “Taking another Luke at the Synoptic Problem”, but I thought I might have reached my pun quota already. But I’ve often wondered why the possibility that Matthew might have used Luke’s Gospel as a source is rarely even mentioned in books on and discussions of the Synoptic [Read More…]

Remembering the Death Star Tragedy

I saw this on Scotteriology. He saw in it a useful example of an aspect of hermeneutics. I just thought it is amusing… [Read more…]

LOST: Flash Sideways

LOST has one season left, and clues, set photos and interviews with the producers all point to the next season featuring characters we’ve come to know and love living in an alternate timeline, one in which the plane never crashed on the island. A major question which is as yet unanswered is whether that means [Read More…]

Willie Dye

A young-earth creationist speaker is coming to Butler’s campus this Wednesday. His name is Willie Dye. I hope that students will take the time not merely to glance at his web site but to take a close look at his CV. He lists multiple PhDs, all from unaccredited institutions. Getting your information from someone who [Read More…]

Deism: Alive and Well?

There’s an interesting article in USA Today about those who usually put down “none” when asked about their religion. Apparently most aren’t atheists, nor are they New Agers. According to the article, the majority are more akin to Deistic rationalists in the heritage of Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine. They are mostly people who would [Read More…]

Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch

Thanks to the ambiguities and double entendres of the English language, I just realized that I can affirm my adherence to “Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch”. I do indeed believe that the Pentateuch in its present form is best characterized as a mosaic, created from the work of multiple authors… Just to be clear, I [Read More…]