Archives for October 9, 2009

James vs. the Cinema Show Solo

I’ve been working on learning the keyboard solo from the Genesis Song Cinema Show. It is a fun solo to play, and I think it is coming along, although there are still some serious rough patches. Nevertheless I thought I’d share how it sounds so far with you. Maybe it’s because other bloggers I know [Read More…]

Jim Wallis Conference Call With Indiana Clergy

Being located in Indiana, I want to share this with clergy here in Indiana who might be interested in participating: Sojourners and Jim Wallis are hosting a call with faith leaders and clergy in Indiana to discuss the health-care debate next week — sign up today to join us. The toll-free call will take place [Read More…]

Light Of The World

My posting of a song by the Alan Parsons Project got a positive response, and so I thought I’d share another song of theirs that I particularly like, from the same album (Stereotomy). The song is called “Light of the World”. I’ll provide lyrics after the clip below. “Light of the World” by The Alan [Read More…]

Colbert on Conservapedia’s Conservative Bible Project

Stephen Colbert gave a “Tip Of The Hat” to Conservapedia’s plan to rewrite the Bible eliminating “liberal media bias” from its pages. He calls on his viewers to make him a Biblical character. Hilarious stuff! The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Tip/Wag – Conservapedia, Louvre & Honda Unicycle Colbert Report Full [Read More…]

Ezekiel Bread: Who Eats This Crap?

I apologize for the pun in the title, but today I’m teaching on Ezekiel, and had seen mentions before of “Ezekiel bread” and decided to look into it further. There really is such a thing, although the version featured in the picture is, I am guessing, a spoof. But of course, if I see it [Read More…]