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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Photo from the Hubble telescope) [Read more…]

Away In A Manger

Here’s my son and I playing at tonight’s Christmas Eve service: [Read more…]

Metanexus Institute Seeks Executive Director

I saw this in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and thought it might make someone’s Christmas: Executive Director. The Metanexus Institute on Religion and Science seeks to hire a new Executive Director beginning in July 2010. Exceptional leader with broad intellectual interests and organizational talents. Ph.D. or equivalent training. Send curriculum vitae, a letter of [Read More…]

Renewing the Articles of Christmas

Readers of this blog are hereby officially advised that I am renewing my previously-posted “Articles of Christmas” for the 2009 year, as follows: This post provides official notification of my intention, on or immediately prior to the 25th of December 2009, to wish readers of my blog a Merry Christmas. If you are likely to [Read More…]

Last Second Christmas Gifts (It’s Not Too Late!)

I love Amazon gift cards. They are perfect gifts to send any time, but if more than one person sends you one, it multiplies the shopping possibilities (with the potential for a big gift rather than several little ones!). Even if you only remember that you should have sent someone a gift on Christmas day [Read More…]

A Spaceman Came Travelling

One more in the category of Christmas and science fiction: Chris DeBurgh’s song “A Spaceman Came Travelling”: You can find the lyrics online in lots of places. [Read more…]

Good Morning Santa!

That is, more or less, the name of this Romanian Christmas Carol: [Read more…]

Christmas In The Stars

For those who like to combine Christmas, science fiction and nostalgia, how many of you remember the Star Wars Christmas album Christmas in the Stars? It featured that Christmas classic “What Do You Buy A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb)?” What I didn’t know until tonight is that that album was [Read More…]

Christmas Sci-Fi Style (Or Not, As You Prefer)

First, we have a clip from a Klingon version of A Christmas Carol: HT IO9 Then, there’s Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas by John Williams, famous for his sci-fi scores: Then there is this great image of a flying collision from TheoFantastique: If you came here looking for something related to the New Testament, I won’t [Read More…]

Gotta Whole Lotta Links

Peje Iesous shared a link to a huge collection of recorded lectures by scholars to be found at Text, Community and Mission. Jim West noted that the latest SBL Forum has been posted – it is great to see The Planet of the Apes featured again (if you want to know why, you’ll just have to go [Read More…]