Today the third of the three classes I’m teaching this semester met for the first time. It’s an upper-level course on the Gospel of John, which most people know is a longstanding interest of mine.

That’s not entirely unrelated to the fact that this is apparently “international de-lurking week.” If you are a lurker on this blog, this week you are supposed to gather up your courage and leave a comment.

How does that relate to teaching? Well, almost every class (and particularly ones with larger numbers of students) include “lurkers” who sit and listen but don’t join in. I hope that if you are a student who tends to be in this category, you’ll find the courage not just to leave a comment on a blog this week, but also to say something in class. Try it!

In other news, Terry O’Quinn discusses LOST in ways that explore its themes and symbolism (and offers some minor spoilers):

I suppose I could have tied the video in to the rest of the post by calling it “Stop lurking in the shadow of the statue”…

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  • J. L. Watts

    My name is Joel, and I lurk. Sometimes on blogs, sometimes at windows

  • brgulker

    Pretty sure I've commented once or twice, and I love your blog.

  • BobH

    I discovered your blog in the midst of preparing for the exegesis exam for ordination in the PC (USA) after being out of seminary for 27 years (I graduated in 1982). I am soaking up what has been forgotten and what is new to me since my days of seminary.

  • Luke

    I mostly lurk.I've read your two books.. Burial of the Only True God, or something like that :) I enjoyed them both.I found your site some time back while doing research on the burial of Jesus (read the ByronBurial piece and the book by Craig Evans and your piece located here about the shameful burial) all really good.Keep me thinking and keep up the sci-fi posts fellow io9 fan.

  • Oliver

    Hi James,Funny concept this, "de-lurking". Although I've commented on and off, I take this opportunity (and incentive) to send greetings from Nairobi.Concerning "discovering your blog", I guess I didn't as our friendship predates the era of blogging. Still love to follow what you're up to. Keep keeping us stretched! :)

  • Robert Cornwall

    Okay James, I delurk! Come on over and do the same!