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iPads and Avatar around the blogosphere

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World is looking at the usefulness in education of the iPad and other technologies. AKMA and Art Boulet blog about the iPad too. Targuman will be getting one. Daily Hebrew finds the iPad reminiscent of older tablets. The Austringer looks at the iPad’s relevance for students. Political Jesus is unimpressed. Jeremy [Read More…]

Three Irish Polkas

Here’s my son playing a medley of three Irish polkas. [Read more…]

Forgiving Darth Vader

Today in my religion and science fiction class, we brought together earlier discussions of Star Trek and Star Wars as mythologies for our era. In order to provide a humorous introduction to a comparison and contrast of these mythologies, I started things off with this video: We ranged far and wide, but one interesting theme, [Read More…]

Talking Tech

It has been a while since we’ve had a conversation about technology here. At present I use a number of devices that are antiquated if not obsolete, including a laptop which I rarely use because the battery doesn’t charge and the hard drive freezes if it is on for too long. And so I hope [Read More…]

The Bible and the Environment

Today another colleague in religion and I made a guest appearance in a class on environmental biology. I covered primarily the Jewish and Christian traditions (with the main focus on Scriptures and the use to which they are put), while my colleague focused on Hinduism and Buddhism. We were both able to talk about our visits [Read More…]

Shadows of Doubts

The title of this post comes from Naked Pastor’s illustration posted today: One can obviously proof-text for views like those expressed by Pat Robertson about Haiti. But Father Matthew offers a well-rounded response that is more profoundly Christian and Biblical: This is relevant to faith and doubt, because for some, accepting complexity and being critical as [Read More…]

Waiting For Answers From LOST

There’s now a theme song for those waiting for answers from LOST and doubtful that all the unanswered questions and mysteries can be addressed in the one season remaining: A few seem to me to be things that have been addressed, don’t need to be addressed, or we can work out from what we already [Read More…]

The Kingdom of God

I have a student who is hoping to do summer research on the subject of the kingdom of God in the teaching of Jesus, with particular focus on (1) the Jewish background of the concept, and (2) reconstructing as closely as possible the earliest form of kingdom parables with a high probability of authenticity. This [Read More…]

Doubt and Uncertainty

I was going to make this a “quote of the day” post, but then found that more than one blogger had tackled this subject. Scot McKnight offers a response to a letter about doubt. He has many wise things to say, such as the following: you will never go back to where you were and [Read More…]

JohnDave Reads John’s Apologetic Christology

JohnDave Medina has been reading my first book, John’s Apologetic Christology and shares some thoughts and quotes. . [Read more…]