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Music via the Internet Archive

There is a significant amount of music as well as the many books and backup copies of web sites at the internet archive. Here’s Paul Hindemith’s Nobilissimo Visione and Howard Hanson’s Serenade for Flute and Strings. [Read more…]

Science and Religion in the Blogosphere

GrrlScientist mentioned that the latest Scientia Pro Publica, number 22, has appeared. This is essentially a carnival of science blogging, with a particular focus on blogging aimed at helping a broader public understand science. Homebrewed Christianity continues the series on surviving the Christian right with a post on evolution. Josh Rosenau responded to Jerry Coyne’s [Read More…]

Coptic Material on John the Baptist

One of the subjects I’m currently working on is comparing the treatment of John the Baptist in Mandaean, Nag Hammadi, and other sources. I’m hoping to include for consideration as much material as I can from Christian and even Islamic sources, as these may be useful in helping to trace the influences on the Mandaeans [Read More…]

Die mandaeische Gnomologie Johannes des Taeufers

In spite of my recent posts on Google and research, I neglected to take my own advice and Google first before trying inter-library loan or other methods of obtaining an item. Here’s a Mandaic text (transcribed into Hebrew/Aramaic characters) with translation and discussion in German, which you can read online here, or read and download [Read More…]

Incentive for Language Learning

[Read more…]

Biblical Studies Carnival, February 2010

Brooke Lester has posted Biblical Studies Carnival LI over at his blog Anumma. [Read more…]