Archives for April 5, 2010

New Book by Keith Ward on the Bible

I have found several of Keith Ward’s books helpful over the years, and so I was excited to notice today that he has a new one out, The Word of God: The Bible After Modern Scholarship. I hope to get a chance to read it in the not too distant future! [Read more…]

Biblical Hebrew Independent Study

In the near future I may be involved in working with one or two students interested in doing some Biblical Hebrew as an independent study. This would certainly not have the same format as a class with a significant number of students that met 2-3 times each week. And so I thought I’d see whether any [Read More…]

Mortal Gods: Is Immortality Desirable?

Today’s reading in my religion and science fiction class was the story “Mortal Gods” by Orson Scott Card. I’m including the story below, for those who may never have read it. It raises a question relevant to this particular season. Is immortality desirable? Many religious traditions in our contemporary world focus on offering the promise [Read More…]

Leviticus 19: What Would Jesus Pick and Choose?

In my Sunday School class we have been working through Scot McKnight’s book The Blue Parakeet. In the chapter we are up to, entitled “The Year Of Living Jesus-ly,” Scot asks readers to consider some commandments found in Leviticus 19 and check off which ones they think should be followed today. I encourage readers to [Read More…]