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LOST in a Well of Souls: The Outer Limits of Dark Matters

After watching last night’s episode of LOST, I was reminded of an episode from The Outer Limits, “Dark Matters,” in which there was some dark matter that was catching space ships in its gravitational pull, and even when the crews eventually died, their souls could not escape. I remember being particularly struck by the exploration of [Read More…]

Religion and Science Fiction Essays

Students in my religion and science fiction class are turning their attention to their essays, and I’ve given them a lot of freedom to come up with their own topics. One student is asking for input, and so this is the opportunity for readers here who are interested in religion and sci-fi to show just [Read More…]

LOST Untangled: Everybody Loves Hugo [Read more…]

Quotes of the Day

Ken Schenck: “In my opinion, the extent to which some Reformed presuppositionalists go makes their conclusions incredulous to all but those few who are already convinced of their viewpoint. Most crucially, they do not allow their presuppositions to be revised in the light of particular data. If the atomism of the Enlightenment makes it difficult [Read More…]