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Identifying the Range of Possible Dates for the Composition of the Secret Gospel of Mark

Mike Koke continues his series “The Dating Game” by turning his attention to the Secret Gospel of Mark. In thinking about a work, it is indeed important to have a clear sense of what the range of genuinely possible dates for its composition are, and then proceed from there. As the terminus post quem, the earliest [Read More…]

Scriptural Biology Lab

From Non Sequitur, HT The Dispersal of Darwin [Read more…]

Be Visible

David Ker describes on his blog attempting to find someone online and not being able to, following up with encouragement to readers to make sure that, if someone is looking for them online, they can find them. Curious, I typed in James F. McGrath on the Yahoo! search engine, and all but one of the [Read More…]

Jesus Unplugged: Religious Metaphors and Images for a Digital Age

I saw the picture on the right on the blog nah then and it got me thinking about how Biblical authors and other ancient religious teachers and thinkers “used” metaphors and imagery from their time to express their ideas. But of course, for the most part they didn’t “use” them. They inhabited them, and assumed [Read More…]

LOST: Weaving Tapestries Through (Almost) Endless Universes

I was struck by an interesting thought about LOST – I don’t think it is what the writers have in store for us, but I thought I would share it nevertheless. As Desmond works to bring together individuals and direct their paths to intersect, working things together towards a goal which has yet to be [Read More…]

Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death

I had heard about this but never watched it until today. “The Curse of Fatal Death” is a Doctor Who parody featuring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor, and a number of other big names in British television as well. Enjoy! HT SF Signal [Read more…]