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Five Hebrew Love Songs

I don’t need any excuse to share Eric Whitacre’s music, but when he sets Hebrew lyrics to music, it seems especially appropriate to mention here. Here is a version of his Five Hebrew Love Songs for solo vocalist with violin and piano: And here is the more familiar choral arrangement: You can also find the [Read More…]

Keith Ward on God, Consciousness, Materialism and Reason

It seems that I lean more towards a religious-scientific materialism than Keith Ward does, and am willing to view consciousness as an emergent property. Be that as it may, this is still a stimulating and at times humorous lecture by Ward. I’m posting it to encourage discussion, and would be very interested to hear why you find [Read More…]

Can Gay Bonobos Be Saved?

Jim Naughton at The Lead links to a Psychology Today blog which shares an e-mail from a pastor uncomfortable with bonobo behavior. Although the pastor in question seems to believe that after Adam and Eve ate a literal fruit from a literal tree of knowledge, God intervened in the world to force tectonic plates to [Read More…]

Shostakovich Cello Concerto No.1 performed by Tina Guo

Tom Verenna and I may disagree about lots of things. But here’s something we agree on. This is wonderful: Tina Guo performing Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No.1 in E flat major, Op. 107: II. Moderato– Watch more Videos at Vodpod. [Read more…]

Defending Glenn Beck on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Many bloggers (including some with expertise precisely in the area where Beck seems to lack it) have pointed out how much Glenn Beck got wrong in his statement about Constantine and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Finally, a courageous blogger has stepped forward to treat Beck fairly and defend what he got right. And since someone [Read More…]

LOST: Flash Upwards

There is a post about LOST at Doc Artz, which takes seriously the revelation that the show is at its heart profoundly theological. I particularly liked the artice’s way of putting things: in “The End” what we had thought were “flash sideways” were revealed to be “flash upwards.” [Read more…]

There’s No Substitute for Ken Pulliam’s Post on Atonement

If you think the pun in the title of this post is lame, you’ll be glad I decided not to make the one about being “atone deaf.” Ken Pulliam has been blogging about problems with the penal substitution theory of atonement. Yesterday he interacted with and shared parts of a post of mine on that topic. Read [Read More…]

I Might Be Wrong

HT Open Parachute [Read more…]

Jesus in the Yahweh Verses

In the discussion of Rob Bowman’s closing statement in the Great Trinity Debate at Parchment and Pen, I was asked what I think of the application to Jesus in the New Testament of verses which, in the Jewish Scriptures, refer to Yahweh. My answer is that Jews who believed God might bestow his name upon [Read More…]