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The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark, when not read through the lens of later Gospels, suggests that Jesus was not given an honorable burial: Jesus is buried in accordance with the Law and placed in “a tomb,” without anointing or other niceties that were the norm when someone was buried honorably by their family. The use of a [Read More…]

Are Math Textbooks Next?

By Ben Sargent, HT John Pieret [Read more…]

Mythicism Vindicated

The Onion has the scoop, although it turns out that it wasn’t (just) the New Testament that was invented. [Read more…]

Revelation in Song

Those who focus on the doom and devastation in Revelation are prone to completely overlook the remarkable amount of singing in the book. Here’s a famous piece that uses words sung in the chapter we’re up to today in my class on Revelation: All the singing is a pointer to a major theme of [Read More…]