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Fringe: LOST with Answers

Anyone who loved LOST really ought to be watching that other creation of J. J. Abrams, Fringe, if they aren’t already. It isn’t exactly the same show, but it might be useful (given the theme of parallel universes on Fringe) to think of Fringe as LOST in a parallel universe’s version. It explores many similar [Read More…]

The End Isn’t Near

HT Danut Manastireanu [Read more…]

Facebook and the Future of Instructional Technology

Bob Cargill offers a reflection on the announcement that Facebook will soon offer e-mail. Here are some of his thoughts on the implications for technology in higher education: As far as higher education is concerned, the first company sync Facebook profiles with university class rosters, harness Google Docs, YouTube, and Wikipedia into a Moodle-style content management [Read More…]