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Clayboy on God, Extraterrestrials and Christmas

Doug Chaplin asks whether God loves ET, and shares a classic alien-oriented Christmas carol. [Read more…]

Young-Earth Creationists and Pun-Makers Stooping to All-Time Low?

P. Z. Myers looks at how the Louisiana Family Forum is reacting to its defeat as Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted to use high quality biology textbooks with reliable information. The Louisiana Family Forum site describes this in a manner that is thoroughly deceptive and misleading, asking in a poll on their [Read More…]

Ark Encounter Watch

The Panda’s Thumb announced a new site dedicated to following the news about the planned Noah’s ark theme park – or perhaps we could just call it the theme pARK. The site intriguingly suggests that the young-earth creationists at Answers in Genesis put their money where their mouth is and build a full scale ark [Read More…]

Digitization of Manuscripts Continues at the British Library

The British Library’s project to digitize its manuscripts from the Medieval period and before is continuing. This will eventually include descriptions of its illuminated Hebrew manuscripts. [Read more…]


There are no words strong enough to express how DETESTABLE and REPREHENSIBLE this recent post at IO9 is. I’ll leave you to read it and then come back here to talk about it, if you’re so inclined. I suspect you’ll want to. [Read more…]

5,000 Years of Cosmology in Pictures

IO9 shares pictorial representations of the cosmos, from ancient times until the present. The source is Ptak Science Books, which calls this series a “Visual Chronology of Cosmologies.” It draws on the book The Earliest Cosmologies by William F. Warren, which is available on Google Books: [Read more…]

SBL New Rules

Chris Brady shares the new rules from the Society of Biblical Literature relating to calls for papers, multiple appearances on the program, and student papers. [Read more…]

Creation, Conflict and Cosmos Conference

Thanks to Sean Winter for early notification about a conference being scheduled for May 2-5, 2012 at Princeton Theological Seminary. The title is “Creation, Conflict, and Cosmos” and the focus of the conference is Romans 5-8. [Read more…]

Irtiqa on Paul Davies on ETs and God

The title says it all. There’s a post at Irtiqa about the impact that Paul Davies believes the discovery of extraterrestrial life would have on religion. He also discusses whether biological existence is a transitory phase in the history of life. [Read more…]

Biblical Studies Carnivals for 2011

Thanks to Jim West for scheduling the Biblical Studies Carnivals for 2011 and listing them on his web site. Anyone who wishes to get a head start on things can write and schedule their posts for next August over Christmas break, and send me the links… [Read more…]