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Evolution and Christianity around the Blogosphere

James Kidder explains about the fossil record, human evolution, and traditional forms. With lots of pictures. BioLogos also offers discussion of the Cambrian Explosion. Homebrewed Christianity offers some sound advice from Galileo Galilei which seems remarkably (and depressingly) timely. The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity focuses on Charles Townes. And David Opderbeck shares a video: Conor [Read More…]

Three Types of Grader

HT Marc Cortez [Read more…]

Swearing on a Stack of Bibles in Favor of Darwin and Evolution

The victory of authentic science education in Louisiana is being reported widely. It seemed to me worth taking the time nevertheless to look closely at what the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education president and lone dissenting voter Dale Bayard had to say: I am an open-minded person, and I challenge anybody to come and [Read More…]

Deane Galbraithe on SBL Student Membership

The post that I referred to as “gone missing” in my earlier post about the Society of Biblical Literature’s new rules relating to student paper proposals has now appeared definitively here. [Read more…]