TRON Legacy and Isomorphic Algorithms: Not Mere Technobabble

Sci-fi fans know that scriptwriters for Star Trek: The Next Generation would often simply insert “tech” into the script in certain contexts and leave it to specialists to fill the space with technobabble. So, for instance, the scriptwriter would write

Picard: Engineering, what seems to be the problem?
Engineering: There’s a problem with the [TECH]

and then pass it to someone else, who would turn it into

Picard: Engineering, what seems to be the problem?
Engineering: There’s a problem with the quantum flux capacitor, which is depolarizing the dilithium crystals and causing the feedback circuits into temporal overload

Sometimes the technobabble is merely meaningless, scientific-sounding gobbledy-gook. And so I was pleased to come across an article which expressed appreciation for the use of the language of Isomorphic Algorithms in TRON Legacy. Fans will want to give it a read. It also discusses the moral outlook of the film and its avoidance of simplistic good-vs.-evil dichotomies.

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  • Anonymous

    this movie made sence

  • Anonymous

    You should probably read the wolfram math world definition of "isomorphism" and then think about what it would mean when concatenated with the term "algorithm". It's almost ironic that they would choose this term.Google: "Isomorphism Wolfram".

  • Anonymous

    This movie was really good

  • Anonymous

    really good movie….

  • Anonymous

    Why Zuse or Castor has an unbuntu logo in his fronthead?

  • the term isomorph meant for graphs which have similar vertice co-ordinates and the orientation of the edges are similar to each other.The movie's theme was genetic algorithm and their implementation. Now how can you relate genetic algorithm with isomorphic algorithms.

  • Anonymous

    I've been developing isomorphic algorithms for 33 years. Stupid me, I was very ignorant and trusting in going to Wall Street for financing in 1980, that I not only lost my shirt, but lost my bread and butter 4GL MPR-II system as well. Realizing I was chewed and could never work again, I nevertheless took my pre-occupation and got all the benefit. I now believe others are so close to prototyping a replacement for capitalism that I suspect Disney and crowd are trying so hard to maintain their old and tired lordship of usury, i.e., running an economy on debit and credit, that 100% of the sheep will not tumble to the media-washing that is this Tron Legacy movie.

  • Anonymous

    We should all keep our eyes open including the minds eye tech and physical being are just barely on the brink of actually benefiting the world!

  • Isomorphic. Iso meaning alone, morphic meaning form, and algorithm meaning a series of steps. A series of steps formed alone, and given that they mentioned genetics and how things were 'in place' for the 'isos' to manifest, it's an abstraction of the genesis of life. Has nothing to do with the coordinate math, besides the idea of isomorphism.

  • Swaggariffic09

    interesting theories

  • Da_master_of_u