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The New #1 (and #3 and #13) Biblioblogger!

A third method of ranking biblioblogs was introduced recently by Daniel McClellan, who decided to ignore Alexa ranking and the Lacanian-Wrongian objective scale, and take a democratic approach, asking people to vote. The biblioblogosphere has spoken, and Exploring Our Matrix has been crowned the #1 biblioblog using this new method. Thank you to everyone who [Read More…]

Historical Jesus and Evolution around the Blogosphere

Diglotting has begun reviewing Michael Licona’s The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. I too have a copy of the book on my shelf, waiting to be reviewed, and am looking forward to getting to it in the near future. Ari (on his blog of awesome) links to Craig Evans’ review of Robert Price’s Incredible Shrinking [Read More…]

Sending the (NT) Wrong Signal

In a comment on a recent post, Stephen Douglas asked how one contacts NT Wrong, since his e-mail address seems to no longer work. Superheroes and spies have long faced this challenge, of being reachable and yet keeping their identity a secret. And so I thought it might be fun to see what clever ideas [Read More…]

Biblical Studies Carnival December 2010

It is hard doing the December carnival, since many potential readers may wonder whether there is any point in reading blog posts from the previous year. But Joseph Kelly has put together a wonderful round-up of last month’s biblioblogging that is definitely worth a visit – even in 2011! [Read more…]

The Real Top 50 Biblioblog Rankings for December 2010

To ring in 2011, Jeremy has posted the “real” biblioblog rankings for December 2010. It is so hard to decide which I like better – Jeremy’s, in which I ranked #3, or NT Wrong’s, in which I ranked #13 but higher than Jim West who ranked #14. [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

It looks like they didn’t follow my advice in the previous post. [Read more…]