Archives for January 10, 2011

Encountering the Alien around the Blogosphere

Several posts around the blogosphere have something to do with encountering the alien – whether in the realm of science, religion, or science fiction. Tom Verenna linked to an article asking about the effect of discovering alien life. Science and Religion Today links to an article about preparing for encountering extraterrestrial intelligent life – including [Read More…]

What Do You Think About Paul?

In an off-topic comment on a recent post, I was asked what I think about Paul. That is such a broad question that I’m not sure how to begin to answer it, but I think that it is certainly a good question. And I suspect that most people who are not committed to Paul’s inerrancy [Read More…]

Open Access Teaching of Modern and Ancient Languages

Recent articles in Inside Higher Education – focused on the field of modern languages – discuss the subject of open access scholarly publication and open access teaching. I have been wondering whether it would be possible for us to offer languages like Greek and Hebrew at Butler University even when we cannot persuade the administration that it [Read More…]

The Tower of Babel as Satire

A couple of posts about the Tower of Babel story have appeared in the blogosphere recently. Terri discussed telling her children that it is not literally true, while DoOrDoNot shared a humorous story about a child being offered a possible literal interpretation. In the past I’ve mentioned the story briefly, such as in a parody of the [Read More…]

Frivolous and Serious Deities Around the Blogosphere

Daniel McClellan has a post on the Hebrew plural Elohim, in which he explains that it served as an abstract plural, and thus meant something like “the deity.” Jim Linville has an entertaining post featuring the sorts of LOLcats that demanded worship from humans both ancient and modern – and often received it, or at [Read More…]