Archives for January 31, 2011

Links for a Snow Day

Adam Kotsko offers a repost of the most original explanation ever as to why Jesus hasn’t come back yet. Religion Nerd has a post on the increasingly widespread phenomenon of imprecatory prayers. Joel Watts asks if the Taliban is more Biblical than supposed Biblical literalists among Christians. Scot McKnight shares an encouraging Facebook update from [Read More…]

Biblioblog Top 10/50 for January 2011

The Biblioblog Top 10 (by vote) and Top 50 (by Alexa ranking and NT Wrong-approved) for this past month have been posted. Thank you to everyone who voted for me – I came in first again this month. And since I have already been caricatured last month, you can click through and see this month’s [Read More…]

The BSG Bible

Squarely at the intersection of religion and science fiction is this cartoon (from Hijinks Ensue via io9) depicting the Battlestar Galactica Bible – i.e. the guidelines producer Ron Moore gave to the writers – here being preached upon by Moore himself. [Read more…]

LOST: Pushing the Button, Protecting the Light

It has been some time since my thoughts turned to LOST, but last night I found myself noticing a parallel between Jacob (and perhaps also his adoptive mother) and Desmond. Desmond came to the island by accident, and was given the task of pushing a button in order to protect and save the world. Jacob was raised [Read More…]

Doubly Ruined By Fundamentalism

Commenter Brian said something that I thought deserved to be repeated. The original quote can be found in a comment here, but I’ll paraphrase slightly so that it makes better sense on its own: “This is why I dislike fundamentalism so much: it ruins the person both while they profess fundamentalist ideology and when they leave [Read More…]