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Like a Child finishes reviewing, and reflects on, a book entitled Can We Trust the Gospels?

A repost from Michael Spencer asks whether the Bible is where discussion should end for Christians, or where it should begin.

Diglotting begins reviewing Maurice Casey’s latest book, Jesus of Nazareth.

Remnants of Giants asks whether the Noah’s Ark theme park will include giants.

Sharp Iron asks how to define what a “Christian” is.

NakedPastor shared the cartoon on the right.

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  • Thanks good Doctor.

  • Thanks naked Pastor (and good cartoonist)! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    "Like a Child" reviews, "Can We Trust the Gospels".I would also like to ask, can we trust "Like a Child"?She brags about a Ph.D. and various claims, without offering any verification whatsoever…and claims that she was a Christians who is wracked by doubt.But the more I look at her stuff, and I can go into my findings if anyone is interested, the more it is apparent that this is not just some "doubter" but an atheist using that as a hook to lead other Christians down her agenda driven path.

  • Anonymous

    I think that is an unfair assessment of her character, while I'm kind of sick of hearing for the the upteenth time about the latest book that has worsened her crisis of faith. I have no doubts whatsoever that she is a genuine agnostic Christian who is disillusioned about how different reality is from her fundlementalist upbringing. Which is why I dislike fundlementalist so much, it ruins the person both while they profess fundlementalist ideology and when they leave it. But I sympathsize with her and believe that she's doing herself and many other Christians justice by getting them to share their doubts instead of keeping it all in.Brian

  • I have rather wondered sometimes whether some of the more ludicrous young-earth creationist sites were created by atheists trying to make Christianity look bad.Brian, I may make that statement about why you dislike fundamentalist ideology so much my "quote of the day" sometime, if you don't object.

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, and I have rather wondered if these "doubt" blogs were not created by atheists trying to suck Christians in.I agree that that seems to be the purpose of Like A Child, especially since she likes to to to various churches and cry about it and then leave.Kind of a "hit an run doubter".Skeptical Skeptic

  • Anonymous

    You never know, in fact Jack Chick could really be an atheist trying to make Evangelical's look bad. And you can use my quote just correct any mistakes you seek in it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, whats all this BS about Agnostic Christians.She has denied Christ, and now "she" wants others to. The fact that she goes around "evangelizing for doubt" but never expressed "doubt" about scientific claims or doubt itself are just two factors indicating its all jive.Any questions?Skeptical Skeptic.

  • Yes, I have questions. Why call yourself Skeptical Skeptic if you have problems with people being skeptical? Why use language like "BS" if you are a Christian? Why judge someone you presumably don't know? Why doubt scientific claims, unless you yourself are doing more advanced pioneering research to overturn or improve upon them?

  • Anonymous

    While I diagree very much with Skeptical Skeptic's assessment on certain online character's such as Like A Child, I'm wondering if you think any of his criticism's [or my breif critics] on the nature of her blog are legimate? It doesn't seem like she's doing a good job on guiding subscribers through their doubts or making them anymore happy with them.Brian

  • Anonymous

    To answer your question, Professor, I call my self a Skeptical Skeptic but my problem is NOT with people being skeptical.It is with people pretending to be "doubting" and "seaching" when they have…if you read them carefully…already decided.And my "judgment" is based on what they write…just have YOU have judged me.And to suggest that it is improper to doubt scientific claims is just to replace one kind of faith with another…science is a provisional enterprise, has been shown to have made many errors (supposedly self correcting but how can we ever know) and is something that can never anwer ultimate questions.Indeed, leading scientists will tell you that they encourage such doubt; Like A Child obviously is using a double standard in her critiques.Skeptical Skeptic

  • On the question of the Giants — are we talking San Francisco or New York? If the former, are we talking current players or former players? Thus, would Barry Bonds be present there or Tim Lincecum (post steroid era)? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Much appreciative. Thank you.

  • Skeptical Skeptic, I'm not sure what to say except that you seem never to have experienced the pain of realizing that things you once thought were certain are anything but. I can't imagine anyone who has gone through that trauma being surprised or puzzled by the language used on Like A Child's blog.It is comparable to grieving. I don't think that under such circumstances it is generally helpful to debate their expressions of grief, anger or frustration. You listen, you comfort, and at some later point there may be time to debate. But it may not be necessary, since in many circumstances working through grief doesn't leave us clinging to precisely the ways we thought and expressed ourselves during the grieving process.

  • Pastor Bob,Your comments, "are we talking San Francisco or New York? If the former, are we talking current players or former players? Thus, would Barry Bonds be present there or Tim Lincecum (post steroid era)?" Has to be SF, since NY would require going back in time. For SF, Barry is too busy using steroids, and Tim is too busy smoking pot. Thus we have proof that pharmacuticals are the answer to man's problems. Still undecided is whether the giants are having their way with young human virgins. Thus the parable of Genesis. P, E, D, or J source?

  • Ted

    Why is agnostic Christianity BS?

  • Anonymous

    "Like A Child" does not exist.You say she is "grieving", Professor, but she is obviously intent on evangelizing her "grief".In sum, I don't believe "Like A Child" is the real deal.Skeptical Skeptic

  • Fair enough, since I'm not persuaded that "Skeptical Skeptic" is the real deal. 🙂