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Jim Linville’s Jim West LOLCat Competition

The entries are in, and now it is time to vote. Visit Jim Linville’s blog and pick your favorite ZwingLOLcat. [Read more…]

Biblioblog Top 50 for January 2011

The Biblioblog Top 50 based on Alexa rankings has been posted. [Read more…]

Online Mandaic Lexicon

Charles Häberl, my collaborator on the Mandaean Book of John translation project, has created an online Mandaic lexicon. It is a work in progress, both in terms of content (lexemes will continue to be added as they are encountered) and in terms of formatting. But those interested in the language will certainly find it interesting [Read More…]

Failure to Respond (to Things Around the Blogosphere)

A few posts have mentioned me or linked to me recently in the interest of conversation, and having failed to respond in a timely fashion, I will take a first step towards rectifying the situation by linking back and at least acknowledging the posts in question. Chris Brady mentioned me in a post asking about [Read More…]

Review of the Book Forged by Bart Ehrman

I am grateful to Harper Collins for providing me with an advance review copy of Bart Ehrman’s forthcoming book, Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are. After apologizing for the pun in the title of this post (although I am obviously not really sorry, or [Read More…]

Amazing Legislation!

Thanks to Daniel Florien for pointing out legislation in Arizona, HB 2582. Although it is aimed primarily at Sharia Law, it mentions karma as among those sectarian laws that are prohibited from being enacted by courts in Arizona if the new legislation passes. Apparently Arizona lawmakers believe that they can free Arizona courts (and perhaps also those under [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

Apocryphicity points to an article by Allan J. Pantuck in Biblical Archaeology Review defending the authenticity of the Secret Gospel of Mark. Remnant of Giants and AWOL point out that the Liddel-Scott-Jones Greek Lexicon is available online. Joel Watts offers scriptural proof (from Jeremiah 31:35-36) that God would not break the laws of physics in creating [Read More…]

Oral Tradition eCompanion

The blog Access to Mideast and Islamic Sources linked today to Oral Tradition, a journal about the subject that provides the name for the journal. I clicked through to see if anything was new, and discovered that alongside the articles from the last issue, which focused on Biblical studies for the most part, they have [Read More…]

Bibliobloggers Exegete and offer Theological Criticism of the LOLcat Bible

Daniel Kirk offers criticism of the sexism and other conservative tendencies in the LOLCat Bible translation, while Matthew Crowe thinks that its rendering of the Epistle “to teh church in Glacier” is awesome. I wish I spoke LOLcat fluently enough to write this post in the appropriate dialect. [Read more…]

Satan as Tuna (Yahoo! Mandaic Autocorrect Fail)

Today in my “Heresy” class the reading consisted of excerpts from the Mandaean Book of John and Ginza Rba, passages that relate to figures like John the Baptist, Jesus and Miriai. One name mentioned in the Book of John is rendered by Edmondo Lupieri as “Zatan the Column.” Lupieri suggests in a footnote that “Zatan [Read More…]