Archives for February 8, 2011

Mark(x2)+James+Peter+Muhammad Ali+extracanonical Gospels+conferences(x2)-Q=?

Mark Goodacre shared that he will be presenting two papers at the international SBL meeting in London this year, one of them in the same section as me (and perhaps we’ll even end up in the same session). They will be about the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices, and the talking cross (or was [Read More…]

SBL Paper Accepted: The Reception of Lukan Infancy Traditions in the Mandaean Book of John

I just received word that my paper proposal for the Nag Hammadi and Gnosticism section at the SBL International Meeting in London in July has been accepted. Here’s the abstract: The Reception of Lukan Infancy Traditions in the Mandaean Book of John Chapter 18 A careful analysis of the relationship between Mandaean sources and Jewish, [Read More…]

Are We Ready to Meet Aliens? What about Humans?

Paul Flesher at Religion Today suggests that we are not quite ready to meet extraterrestrials, since we still have a hard time appreciating the diversity in other human groupings and societies, never mind appreciating that any alien species we encounter will likely be as diverse as humanity is. Our tendency in science fiction at present [Read More…]

Stories Mythicists Tell

Another irony related to the mythicist emphasis on the existence of stories about Jesus not constituting proof of Jesus’ existence is this: Mythicists regularly weave stories about how they think Christianity might have arisen, how and why Gospels were composed, how Paul’s letters were composed and interpolated, and much else. They tell a story and treat [Read More…]