Amazing Legislation!

Thanks to Daniel Florien for pointing out legislation in Arizona, HB 2582. Although it is aimed primarily at Sharia Law, it mentions karma as among those sectarian laws that are prohibited from being enacted by courts in Arizona if the new legislation passes. Apparently Arizona lawmakers believe that they can free Arizona courts (and perhaps also those under their jurisdiction) from something that south Indian tradition views as simply a fundamental law of nature, to which even gods are subject. If they can accomplish that, it will be quite a feat, and will probably attract many Buddhists seeking liberation from karma to Arizona. I just hope they immigrate legally…for their own sakes.

Meanwhile The Onion has an amusing account of what has not been happening as a result of president Obama’s decision to instruct the Department of Justice to stop defending the Defense Of Marriage Act. (The Lead surveys some less entertaining but more realistic and level-headed responses from people who, like Daniel Kirk, may have been listening to Christopher Hays’ advice).

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