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The Lead Codices are Forgeries – If the E-Mail is Authentic

Daniel McClellan shares an e-mail allegedly from Peter Thonemann at Oxford, staking his career on the lead plates being forgeries, and explaining why. Here’s the catch: Daniel can’t verify the authenticity of the e-mail. And verifying the authenticity of e-mails can sometimes be harder than verifying the authenticity and antiquity of lead plates! If only [Read More…]

The Satirical Use of Christian Material in the Mandaean Book of John

I learned today that my paper, “The Satirical Use of Christian Material in the Mandaean Book of John,” has been accepted for the Aramaic Studies section at the Society of Biblical Literature 2011 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. I’m excited and honored to be the first to add Mandaic to the list of Aramaic dialects [Read More…]

Five-Year-Olds Make Final Four Picks

HT Jill Moffett on Facebook [Read more…]

A Squirrel that Keeps Falling Over: Raccoon Roundworm, Theodicy, Creation and Evolution

About a week or so ago, my family and I noticed a squirrel behaving oddly. It seemed unable to stand up straight for long periods – as though its sense of balance were affected. It would fall over, and lie on its side while trying to eat seeds it found beneath our bird feeder. Here’s [Read More…]

Worship Whom?

Dan McClellan has set his sights on documenting the examples of worship directed at figures other than God in Judaism. It will be a welcome contribution to the investigation of monotheism in early Judaism and Christianity! [Read more…]

Doctor Who Trailer

Thanks to Doug Chaplin for sharing a trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who that is viewable in the United States. Some others that are circulating cannot be. [Read more…]

Seeing Blogs Differently

Blogger has a new feature that allows one to view blogs in a variety of different ways. I’ve noticed that WordPress also seems to have a similar feature, making viewing blogs on an iPad a remarkably different experience. Check out the different ways of seeing Exploring Our Matrix:  Flipcard, Snapshot, Mosaic, Timeslide and (the least interesting) [Read More…]

Evolution vs. a Talking Snake: Yes They Really Are That Different

Michael Patton has posted a cartoon, and once again I find it troubling. The cartoon asks whether believing in a talking snake (as per Genesis 3) is really that different from believing that what started as a single-celled amoeba became a talking human being. Ugh… When I first saw the post on the Parchment and [Read More…]

IM Abbreviations for Older Bloggers

Chris Brady shared a selection on his blog. Pay him a visit – they are really entertaining/useful! [Read more…]

The Holy Spirit as Wife of Adonai in Mandaeism

I’ve been spending some time this evening working on the Mandaean Book of John. In looking up a passage in the important but puzzling text known as Haran Gawaita (which can be found online here and here, and which I am embedding below), Ruha (i.e. the Holy Spirit) is referred to as the wife of [Read More…]