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The Progressive Evangelical Bankrupt Church of Cafeteria Christianity

The title doesn’t reflect an actual denomination (perhaps it should?) but a range of views reflected in posts around the blogosphere. Encapsulating the most is an image shared by Jonathan Robinson (originally from Sacred Sandwich): Undeception addresses simplistic assumptions about being “Biblical” or “Evangelical.” And while some continue to stress the supernatural, Diglotting talks about [Read More…]


I’ve discovered a new app for the iPad and iPhone, called neu.Annotate, which does many of the things that iAnnotate offers, but for free. I am a huge fan of iAnnotate and my experience thus far suggests that it is worth the relatively small amount of money it costs. But if you are resistant to [Read More…]

Space Shuttle and International Space Station

I just went out to see the NASA space shuttle Discovery (on its final mission) and International Space Station transit overhead. I didn’t expect them to be as bright and as clearly visible as they were, especially since there is a bit of cloudy haze. It was pretty spectacular! Below is a video someone took [Read More…]

Blogs and Blogging in First Monday

A new article in First Monday bears the title “Blogs and Blogging: Current Trends and Future Directions.” It looks at blogging on research and research on blogging. [Read more…]

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

As students in my First Year Seminar class have been reading the Communist Manifesto, the U. S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and several presidential inauguration speeches including one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, Joel Watts’ mention of FDR’s proposed “Second Bill of Rights” is timely. Here’s a video of the speech in [Read More…]

Biblical Studies, Religious Studies and Theology Around the Blogosphere

Religion Nerd explains that religious studies is not the same thing as theology. Mark Goodacre shares videos of Christopher Tuckett (talking about Q!) and Geza Vermes (about Jewish life in the time of Jesus): Tim Henderson highlights a chapter by Michael Holmes on textual criticism and the evidence for macro-level stability and micro-level fluidity in the [Read More…]

Israel and iPads

Things are moving ahead with the possibility of taking a trip or two to Israel in the near future, with the intention of having the visit be part of preparation to lead a short-term study abroad experience for students every couple of years. I’m getting past the stage of thinking about general aspects of the [Read More…]