Archives for March 29, 2011

The Complete Biblioblogs RSS Feed

Via Joel and Jim, I learned of the RSS feed for all biblioblogs! [Read more…]

Mark Goodacre on the Synoptic Problem on the Internet Archive

HT to Mark Goodacre on Facebook for letting us know that his book The Synoptic Problem: A Way through the Maze is available for free on the Internet Archive! [Read more…]

The Latest on the Lead Books from the BBC and around the Blogosphere

Presumably spurred by BBC coverage of the topic (the BBC web site has particularly clear photos of the lead codices, but almost entirely without letters or text, and this is presumably intentional), the blogosphere has been buzzing with posts on this topic. Larry Hurtado says “Chill, dude.” (No, seriously, he does!)Andrew Perriman views this as [Read More…]