Archives for May 7, 2011

Chapter 1 of Earl Doherty’s Jesus: Neither God Nor Man

I have often had the opportunity or the necessity to read a book that I expected from the outset I would disagree with or find unpersuasive. I have quite often been pleasantly surprised, while in other cases, I have written a very negative review of the book on my blog. Reading chapter 1 of Earl [Read More…]

My Understanding of Christianity

I have been asked more than once, including recently, what my understanding of Christianity is. I thought I would share an excerpt from a message I sent to someone who asked me that very recently, since others might find it interesting. Here’s what I wrote: I find it as hard to define “Christianity” in any [Read More…]

Money for Seminary Plus Logos Software

Via Ardel Caneday, I heard about a Logos Bible software contest that offers money for seminary tuition to a current or soon-to-be seminary student, as well as free software. Presumably I needn’t say more about why I’m sharing this! [Read more…]

Fringe Season Finale (Spoiler Free)

The season finale of Fringe did what season finales in LOST did best, without some of the things that it did that viewers found most frustrating. It took the plot developments thus far and gave them a direction to go in the next season that would add something new and exciting to the mix, and [Read More…]