Archives for May 4, 2011

A Colorful Explanation of (Macro-)Evolution

Hemant Mehta shared this gem of an illustration of gradual change – what some call “microevolution” amounting in the long run to “macroevolution”: In related news, Arni Zachariassen has a sexy post on religion and science, comparing atheists’ view of science to porn stars having sex, and a religious view of science to marital lovemaking. [Read More…]

Nagging is Biblical

“Nagging works” — Jesus according to Luke 11:5-10 (slightly condensed and paraphrased) [Read more…]

Hurtado: Questions about Monotheism

At his blog, Larry Hurtado discusses some of the objections to the application of the term “monotheism” to ancient Judaism and Christianity, and summarizes his suggestions about how to proceed and appropriately qualify and understand the term so that it remains useful. [Read more…]

Happy Star Wars Day!

Thanks to Jeremy, IO9, and Jim (whose Star Wars Day picture is the best) for not letting me forget the occasion! [Read more…]

It’s Carnival Time!

I thought I should provide an update and say that Jim Linville has now posted this month’s Biblical Studies carnival. It has religion, sci-fi, and jazz humor. It has organization by date and by theme. It has mythicism. If you haven’t already paid a visit, I highly recommend doing so. Even the humorous pictures alone [Read More…]